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A place of interest and boredom at the same time.

I aim to explain fooyah and also include some information about Ian Parish. For some reason I very much like to have a presence on the web and so this is the latest incarnation. I have no idea what will end up on this site but it’ll be a doozy!

This is also a vanity project. I can’t imagine that this will be looked at very much. Most of my traffic is me checking how the site looks. I think I find it comforting to have a space where I exist out of life but that doesn’t have to rely on supernatural made-up souls or heaven type stuff.

I used to think that having a diary was a good idea but never had the inclination to write stuff. Now, if I mix that urge to record parts of my life with technology it suddenly becomes accessible to me. I can upload from my phone, so whenever I find convenient rather than needing a laptop all the time. Have a look at my communications.

The masthead is a cropped version of a photo I took while visiting the Kennedy Space Centre in Fl, USA. It shows the sun rising over KSC with the VAB on the left. I’m pretty sure it shows a double sun with the light refracting in the atmosphere (or it could just be a lens thing). Occam’s razor would suggest a lens thing rather than a rare atmospheric effect, shame.