Web Links – Stuff I like

So, it’s been a long time since this page was updated so what I’m going to do is put my latest list of stuff here and then leave the old stuff below that!

Here’s a list of RSS feeds I look at quite often, they are still subscribed within Outlook.

  • The Aviationist
  • David Didau
  • Defence Blog
  • Defence News
  • Hush-Kit
  • Merseyside Skeptics Society
  • MI5 Threat Level
  • RAF News
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Club
  • The Skeptic
  • Simple Flying
  • XKCD

And so here is a list of my current podcast subscriptions, I listen while running or driving.

  • Be Reasonable
  • Citation Needed
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • InKredulous
  • Law Pod UK
  • Skeptics in the pub Online Podcast
  • The Allusionist
  • The Bugle
  • The Scathing Atheist
  • Skeptics Guide to the Universe
  • God Awful Movies
  • Opening Arguments
  • Skeptics With A K
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage
  • The Skepticrat

Anything following this is part of the OLD PAGE.
These are links to RSS feeds that I regularly look at (rather I subscribe in Outlook).

Bad Astronomy, Bad Science, Calamities of Nature, DC’s Improbable Science, Dilbert Daily Strip, JREF, Jesus and Mo, Pharyngula, Richard Dawkins, Science Based Medicine, Scientific Madness, XKCD

Podcasts I listen while walking the dog.

Another F1 Podcast, Chequered Flag Formula 1, For Good Reason, Freakonomics Radio, Friday Night Comedy from Radio 4, Geologic Podcast, The Humanist Hour, The Infinite Monkey Cage, Material World, More or Less: Behind the Stats, Newsjack – Topical Sketch Show, The Pod Delusion, Point of Inquiry, Quackcast, The Skeptic Zone, Skeptics with a K, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, Skeptoid