Gran Turismo 6

GT 6 arrived on my doorstop in December 2013 about 1 week after the PS4 had been delivered. GT6 was released on the PS3. It is the swansong of the PS3. In terms of graphics and processing GT6 pushes the PS3 to the limit. I have even read some web pages where it is recommended that the resolution be reduced to 720p from 1080p to allow the PS3 to process all the information correctly.

This is a beautiful game. I love it. I don’t think I am able to tell the difference between the physics engine in this game and the old game, even though it’s meant to have been improved. The GUI is far superior and easier to navigate and the overall look is lovely.

A Lambo at Brands Hatch, Graham Hill Corner
A Lambo at Brands Hatch, Graham Hill Corner

Driving the car around the newer circuits is great fun, although it took a long time to learn them. Brands Hatch is a welcome addition as I spent most of 2004 and 2005 watching real car racing there. Mount Panorama is gorgeous, as is Willow Springs. The Ascari circuit is a challenge with every type of corner. Also, welcome back to Apricot Hill, a lovely GT original circuit.

I love the challenge of this game and I seriously can’t wait for a version on the PS4 so I can easily share videos.