About Me

This is what my twitter profile says and I think it’s about right.

Geeky maths teacher who likes motorsport, NFL, cricket, film, proper music and PS3.
Like Battlestar Galactica and West Wing, Megadeth and AC/DC, New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, Essex and England cricket.

I updated my twitter profile thing and it now says the following:

Geeky, sweary, skeptical maths teacher who likes NFL, motorsport, aggrotech, PlayStation, running, planes and science. Kinda fascinated by everything.

People change over time and it makes sense that their interests do too.

I am an atheist and humanist. The more that people hear religion is made up and that “doctrine” full of lies then perhaps the world will become a more rational, sensible place.
Evidence and understanding should be the basis for deciding what policies and actions to take. It’ll come as no surprise that I think that science is the best tool we have for understanding the world in which we live.