With Teeth – Nine Inch Nails

I got this album because there are some excellent albums by Nine Inch Nails and this was really the first that I bought fresh from release. It’s a good album with some excellent songs. Well worth buying. They played some from this when I saw them in Cornwall earlier this year.

Wicked Sensation – Lynch Mob

I got this album way back when George Lynch, the guitarist with Dokken, created his own project and called it Lynch Mob. I’ve listened to this recently and the first “side” of the album is pretty darn good, there are no bad songs. However, side two gets a little “meh”. Overall this is a pretty good album. Here’s a list of the names of the good songs:

  • Wicked Sensation
  • River of Love
  • Sweet Sister Mercy
  • Hell Child
  • She’s Evil But She’s Mine
  • Street Fighting Man

The album is very much an excellent example of cock-rock from the 80s. I like it.

Who Made Who – AC/DC

This album is a bit of a cheat album. It’s a compilation of the best songs with just one new song added: Who Made Who. This album provides the soundtrack to the film Maximum Overdrive which I have not seen. Look, it’s an AC/DC album. It’s got great songs on it. It’s worth it. But buy the other albums too.

Whitesnake – Whitesnake

This is a monster album. Known also as Whitesnake ’87 this album smashed it. It’s excellent. I can even tolerate the ballads. For a long time I did not know Whitesnake was a British band, they were formed in London. It turns out this album was produced with many arguments and much strife. This created a masterpiece.

White Blood Cells – White Stripes

This album was actually bought for me. I remember travelling to Wales and there was a clip of this band on BBC Radio 4. Yes, that Radio 4! I was quite surprised and the music seemed decent. So, my passenger bought this for me. I like what the band did, I like the music, but when they come on in a shuffle I tend to skip it. It’s never really something I need at the time.

Wheels Of Steel – Saxon

I do like a bit of Saxon. I am rather partial to their sound. Can I tell you what’s on this album? No. I’ve got a “best of” and that’ll do for me. Not sure when I got this particular album.

Weapons – Lostprophets

Fuck. I don’t know what to say. I haven’t listened to this band since it became known the singer was a paedophile. I just can’t physically listen to it.

I remember that musically this was great. I saw the band once and it was amazing. In a very small way I feel I enabled that man. I know I didn’t. The best thing is that as soon as people knew he was a cunt they just stopped playing this stuff. The political right would have called this “cancel culture”, but really it’s just “we don’t support your views so fuck off”. I feel sorry for the rest of the band. But fuck the singer.

We Want Moore! (Live) – Gary Moore

I’ve had this album since I was a teenager. Listening now I’m surprised that I’ve never heard the first song before but I think my taped version never had that on it. I have always been surprised that Gary Moore wasn’t a bigger star. Everything thing has written is fantastic. He had a great voice, played well, good song writer. I wonder if it’s a thing that his music resonated with me more than with other people and I’m placing my values on the world? Just because I like something doesn’t mean everyone should, and I’m aware that’s clearly a thing, but the metal crowd should love this stuff. It’s amazing.

Every song on this album is great. I think everyone should own this album.

I have to add to this communication. I’ve been playing this album while doing home admin and generally “surfing the internet” [which I don’t think people say anymore]. This album is beautiful. Empty Rooms, Back On The Streets, Shapes Of Things, Victims Of The Future, Cold Hearted. All these songs hit me right where it matters. It’s an album I can listen to when I’m really happy. It makes me happier. If I was sad it would make me sadder. It hits the emotions. Today it makes me absolutely really fucking happy, it’s a Legend of an album.

What hits!? – Red Hot Chili Peppers

This album was one of my first CDs! I recall getting a CD player in somewhere around 1993. Before then I had used vinyl records and cassette tapes. I think I knew about the song “Under The Bridge” and that was on this album so I bought it. There were a few CDs I had bought before I even owned a CD player because I knew I would get one. I really enjoy this album. It is a good collection of the best songs this band produced in the days before they got mainstream and super massive. I’ve always considered the band to be a great rock show. I’m also really impressed with the bass playing because bass was meant to be my thing but I didn’t practice enough to become great at it. I consider myself “good enough to play a song”. I am not musical.

I’ve just looked at the track listing and I could have sworn that Give It Away was on this album but it isn’t and now I need to go and re-evaluate all my memories!