Pure Devotion – Various Artists

I was given this album by a friend, Vince, in the early 2000s. Curiously it was Vince’s wife who gave me two CDs by Rammstein around the same time! Pure Devotion is a compilation album by various artists attached to the Pure Devotion record label. This addition to my collection was worrying. Having been a metal fan for all this time and only really liking guitars, drums and vocals this album started to bring in electronic sounds with an industrial vibe. Along with the bands Senser, Ministry and Nine Inch Nails this was the start of exploring another music genre.

This album is a great starter into industrial-electronic music.

  • Beers, Steers and Queers – Revolting Cocks – you know it’s probably good when you can’t tell which is the band name and which is the title. This is a brilliant song from the Revolting Cocks. Everyone should experience this at some point in their life.
  • Supernaut – 1000 Homo DJs – this band come up first on my list of iPhone music. I think people find it amusing. This is a cover of the Black Sabbath song and it’s great. They’ve given it that industrial twist.
  • No Name, No Slogan – Acid Horse – A classic beat and haunting melodies in the background. A deceivingly simple song.
  • Murder Inc. – Murder Inc. – A heavier guitar based song with excellent lyrics. Funny how so much music is written to protest the state of the world.
  • Teenage Mind – Hyperhead – This is a spooky early 90s sounding track with steady beats and a trance like quality. Delightful.
  • July – Chris Connelly – This is a great song with a simple but working chorus. This man has been involved with so many greats, he’s instrumental to the whole scene: Acid Horse, KMFDM, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Murder Inc., PTP.
  • Faster Than Light – Lead Into Gold – Simple beats with sounds building up along with guitars and excellent vocals. What isn’t to like?
  • Rubber Glove Seduction – PTP – Samples, steady beats, an almost “Relax” vibe to it. You can feel the early beginnings of industrial and how it would move music on creating newer metal bands in the late 1990s.
  • Re-Release – Malhavoc – Speedy with a certain level of dischord and snarly vocals. This would get the pit going.
  • Conquer Your House – Excessive Force – More dance like than most of the others but with distorted vocals. This is good enough for me to buy one of their albums.
  • White King – Crow Force – A bit more rock with a rolling riff and faster beat.
  • Sympathy For The Devil – Skrew – A delightfully heavy version of the ‘Stones classic. Makes the song darker and more sinister.
  • Hoeda, Hoeda – Bomb Everything – A metal song with samples.
  • Ten Ground & Down – Pigface – Feels a bit 70s experimental.

This whole album is a great starter into electro-industrial.