Easy You Would Think

Amongst the horrifying news that yesterday was the worst day so far for Covid related deaths in the UK there was a parliament result hidden away in the news. Apparently there are 319 members of parliament who think it’s ok to have continuing trade deals with nations who have been found guilty of mass killings – or genocide. It is clear that these MPs have no moral compass suitable to hold that post. It is clear that these MPs value money and goods over the welfare of people as a whole. It is clear that we as a country do not have any moral high ground on which to stand to exert influence over the world.

Tories Are Assholes
Tories Vote For Trading With Bad People

I’ve been grappling with the thoughts about us getting the leaders and democracy we deserve and I think that’s partially valid. Clearly the influence of social networks has become very important in the battle for people’s thoughts but I also have this nagging feeling that my fellow countrypeople are, as a majority, a little bit racist and a little bit selfish and a little bit greedy.

I do understand that sometimes we need to make allowances and put our own people first. I get it. I think it’s wrong but I do get it. We can’t [or more likely won’t] go around the world seeking to right all the wrongs even when they are clearly there for us to see. But we could at least do something and this vote shows that not only are we willing to ruin our own country by leaving the EU we are willing to ruin the lives of many vulnerable people in the vain hope that we get money. I’m saddened by all this and do think it’s a shame. Sometimes I wish I didn’t think about all this as much as I do and just got on doing the things I do.

I Don’t Mean To Ruin The Party

I don’t mean to be the asshole even though I am probably being that person. I have been super impressed with the scientific breakthroughs and vaccines that have been made for the SARS-Cov-2 virus. The whole effort by governments and private enterprise to secure a hopeful future for the world is certainly worth celebrating. I also do not mean to slag off the NHS. I have never cared more abut the state of this country’s health service than now but I have always been a defender of the public health system we have in the UK. I don’t mean to have a moan at the BBC and while there are many communications in these pages which moan about news and headlines from the BBC I chose to moan about them because they hold the highest standards of journalism in this country [just look at how shit the print media are].

NHS Delivering 140 Jabs
But What Does This Really Mean?

This was the headline yesterday. The NHS is delivering 140 part one vaccines a minute which sounds very fucking impressive. As a mild aside, who the fuck calls these things “jabs”? They are inoculations or at least the first part of it, can’t we use grown up language to describe the things that matter? FFS. Back to the numbers because that’s what we should be looking at and bear in mind that I will defend the NHS and science – I am not having a moan about them.

140 Vaccinations [part 1] per minute.

Assuming there are twenty million people who really need to have vaccinations before we can get back to something that resembles normal and feel safe again that is going to require:

2,380 hours of constant vaccinations or just about 100 days -that’s THREE months – assuming twenty four hour access and every appointment filled.

Even if we manage to keep the centres open for 18 hours a day it will require 132 days to vaccinate twenty million people.

There are 66 million people in this country.

Here’s to another three months of lockdown.


Not much to say. Just kinda don’t feel anything this morning. Happens quite often I think. I look at the news and I think – nothing surprising there, same old same old. People dying, infection ruining the NHS, govt useless and full of liars. Sometimes I wish I was more obsessive about sports things or bands or any other drama type thing, but mostly I just take what I enjoy from those things and ignore the rest. Who cares if a drummer argues with the rest of the band? I struggle to see the healthy response in being so emotionally attached to a band or TV show or similar. I think that’s why I don’t really enjoy soap operas. It’s all incredibly boring. They need drama and so more things happen to those characters than would in real life and it’s just boring. They aren’t real.

My google app likes to give me news items based on things I search for. This is weird because I searched for best Metallica songs as rated by fans and, apart from the fact I disagreed with the list almost entirely, I now get loads of news feed items about Metallica and I couldn’t give less of a shit about them. I even get things like “What Mustaine thought about Kill ‘Em All”. I mean, I don’t care what Mustaine thought about that album. I know I like it and so who gives a crap? I was asked recently what my favourite Metallica song was and in the pressure of the moment I said Creeping Death. I think that still stands as once when I saw Metallica they opened with that song and it was great.

Also, the google app likes to send me news items based on emails I receive. So I have ordered food to be delivered and I now get news items covering the hygiene ratings of restaurants in Kent. Yes, I live in Kent but I don’t care about those ratings. They are unlikely to include the restaurants I use. These articles come from some local newspaper websites and the headlines are too click-baity. Like: “This Restaurant Has A Zero Hygiene Rating”. Just fucking tell me. I’m not going to your shitty website with all its adverts and more clickbait articles. They also like headlines such as “These Areas In Kent Have Reducing Infection Rates”. Quite clearly this is about getting clicks on sites and advertising revenue rather than actually being a news platform and informing the public.

A while back when I met Penguin we chatted about the media and he reminded me that newspapers and news media are companies and therefore their main priority is to make money. Their primary aim isn’t to publish the news and inform the public. Their aim is to make money. That is why you need to have a funded but fully independent news service. The issue with that is, in our country, that the BBC are funded but those in the company-media and those in power don’t like the BBC telling the truth or existing and so they either slag off the BBC at every opportunity [The Daily Mail – a shit piece of media] or continuously call for funding changes – the politicians. Funding changes sound like they benefit the taxpayer but really politicians just don’t want their wankish attempts at organising anything to be broadcast impartially.

The weather isn’t even real snow here. I live in one of the milder areas of this country but I would like to see snow now and then. I can’t even travel anywhere to see snow at the moment. I also can’t get to Istanbul to see Smith.

Even The Weather Is Meh
Even The Weather Is Meh

Not Often I Actually Manage This

While avoiding all the terrible news at the moment I have been spending some time gaming because, let’s face it, other worlds are better than this one at the moment. I’m starting to look for ancient debris in Minecraft [seems like a job for me, just keep doing the same stuff] and I’m considering my YouTube series on aircraft in X-Plane and how to improve that. I’m not sure I remember what day I last drove the car. It might have been Monday, who knows? The heating in my house is going to fail and I booked a technician but I have to wait three weeks for that person to turn up, so it could get interesting over the next while. I have heating at the moment but keeping it going requires fiddling a couple of times each day.

Mr O and I have been looking for places to do follow-the-leader low flying. Our first attempt was through the Mach Loop and it’s slightly annoying that it seems that could be the best place in the world to do that. I had a go at Star Wars Canyon in the USA and it isn’t that long and was actually quite boring from a – you can fly anywhere in the world – point of view. So I’ve been looking at the Chilean fjords. They look more remarkable than the Norwegian fjords and I wonder if Slartibartfast had any role in designing them. So, along with my search to find somewhere to retire I am also looking for decent valleys and LFAs, Low Flying Areas. Currently I’m tempted with New Caledonia and Tierra Del Fuego. One is warm and tropical and the other is most definitely not. These are dreams really as I doubt very much that I could afford or qualify to move to those places and then end up being a burden on their healthcare systems. It’s nice to dream though.

In these times we have to take enjoyment from the smaller things and do our best to keep sane. It’s not going to be easy and the fall-out from this pandemic is going to affect people for many years to come. Hopefully we will have a government willing to cough up the money to ensure the best of all. They seem quite cash-happy at the moment but I suspect that’s because of business losing money rather than an overall caring for people thing. Let’s wait and see.

All The Downs

On the 14th June 2020 I went for a run with Smith. We did a route that included the North Downs as I live near them and it’s a shame to miss the views from up there. Back then I was starting to lose weight but I couldn’t run up the North Downs without stopping and having a breather. I was quite fit but carrying excess mass and obviously not fit enough to run up that bloody thing.

Since then I’ve been working hard, except over Christmas, to run up that fucker. I’ve been cycling, rowing and running with the dual purposes of losing mass and running up that hill. Over the last month I’ve really noticed a difference. I can run up the hill. I’ve even changed my route to have a longer uphill section. Today was the second time I’ve run up the complete Blue Bell Hill. I started down by the river and ran alongside the road all the way up the hill. Here are the details:

Lowest elevation: around 8m AMSL
Highest Elevation: around 190m AMSL
Length of climb: about 4km

I’m quite proud as I didn’t stop along that section. I chose that particular route because the rain hasn’t stopped here for about a week and I didn’t want to run over the fields. I already have a load of cuts on my shins from avoiding virtual ponds on a run the other day.

The weather out was pretty cold, hovering around 0C. There wasn’t any wind but there was plenty of fog and mist. I looked out over the valley from the car park at Blue Bell Hill and it was a mass of white. It wasn’t even good for looking down on a loads of clouds which is a shame as that would have made a really good photograph. There were some phenomenon at the top that looked really magnificent though and I spent a short while taking pictures of those.

Bloody Gorgeous View
Bloody Gorgeous View
Frozen Trees
Frozen Trees

Overnight there must have been plenty of mist and a mild wind because all of the frost and ice on the trees was hanging off in a northerly direction. Now, it must just be that it always looks like this on the trees at the top of the hill. Their placement might mean there are always prevailing winds or slight draughts when the air is cold. These photographs were taken right on the edge of the Downs. To the south is a 100m drop and to the north there is a very shallow drop to sea level over quite a few kms.

Fast Travelling Branches
Fast Travelling Branches

I guess I’ll have to travel up there again when it’s been frosty. I can tell you that in my village there was little frost. We do seem to have very slightly different weather to places not at the base of the Downs. Snow would be nice. Just a few feet of it so I can go sledging with the kids or just by myself if it comes to it. I know the chances of snow are low in this south eastern area of the island of Great Britain but I’m hoping it might happen a couple more times before snow never comes here again.

Week One – Completed

Well, it’s all been rather busy hasn’t it? On Monday we were at work preparing for teaching in school and rolling out a testing programme, which doesn’t really work. Then, that evening, BJ told us that wasn’t happening. Such a shame that he didn’t do this three, or more, weeks ago and we mightn’t have had 1300 deaths yesterday. I do understand that this is all about balance. Keeping everyone sane and the money working while doing what you can for the ill. I mean, all of society is about the balance. How much are you willing to pay to help others is what it comes down to as far as I can see from over here on the left. “But it must be hard for anyone in that position” I hear mentioned – well, yes, but the indecision has caused so many deaths and another national lockdown. It’s like we elected a muppet to the most powerful position in this country and expected him to not behave like a muppet. On second thoughts that is exactly what we did, no simile needed.

You might be thinking why aren’t people as angry as me? Good question but we need to work out where you are getting your information about the angriness of the country. If it’s the print media and their online editions then remember that they are companies who push particular views because it suits their owners. Interesting that the Daily Mail moaned about Lewis Hamilton receiving a knighthood because he lives in Monaco for tax reasons and possibly the weather, when the owner of the DM is a non-domiciled Lord who runs his companies through various tax havens. By and large the print media love the easy going regulations that tories tend to put into place and so their messages follow that course. Just have a look at Brexit coverage or anything else to do with finance and try to look for biases. Along with natural pro-business anti-the-little-person these media also try to distract us from the horror of this country by creating outrage when there isn’t really any [Lewis Hamilton] or giving us a glimpse of side-boob. The honours system is a communication for another day, I’m not pro.

This week I’ve been working. I’ve been teaching live lessons online. It’s not the best way of teaching [no evidence for this] but it’s the best we can do in these situations [it didn’t have to be this bad, remember]. My back hurts from laptop work all day and my headaches have been low-level but constant. Such are the consequences of online learning etc. I’ll manage. I genuinely want the best for my pupils. In the many years I’ve had this site I haven’t written about work really. It’s been one of my “rules”. Things are strange enough now that I feel justified to do so, even if it’s only a little bit. My thoughts and views on my work place will remain that, mine. I’m happy to moan about national issues but there are limits to what people should write online about themselves. That, is almost comical given the stuff I put on here and twitter and my secret FB page and YouTube – but I suppose that’s all filtered to an extent as is this site.

If you are wondering where the album reviews are then they will return. It’s just the next few require a decent amount of writing because they are monster albums and I do that while listening to the album so I need the space and time to be able to do that. I’m looking forward to completing the album reviews because then I can go back and talk through the EBM and Aggrotech I’ve not written about. I’ve enlargened my music tastes and industrial electronic figures large in my choices at the moment. Metal is still there though I saw Slipknot about a year ago. Earlier today I paid for the latest single by Aesthetic Perfection it’s called S E X. On first listening it’s really good. Very AP. I suspect that over time I will still enjoy the song but the love for it will lessen as I think more complex songs that require a few listens to learn the patterns make the best long term songs.

The Wrong Way Round

It’s just into the new year and I have tried to stay away from writing about this sort of this for most of last year but I need somewhere to let this stuff out and you are the people who I tell. I’ve mentioned before, many times, that this is a place for me to form my ideas and arguments. I’m not very good at that. I know what I think and I am quite convicted with those ideals, however I will change my mind once I see evidence that means I should. I don’t want to say I’m right about everything, I know I’m not, but I try to see things from a “do no harm” point of view. Right, disclaimers completed so here we go.

There is a lot of talk this morning about children’s education being affected by school closures. I want to consider that first. Yes, during the last national lockdown a lot of children struggled to keep up with the school work and a lot of children suffered mental health issues. If we look at the keeping up with the school work issue first there seems to be this idea that we have a fixed amount of things to teach pupils in schools. That’s not true. The reason people think like that is that they consider taking examinations, which by definition have a fixed content, to be the measure of schooling. This is bullshit. I can teach as much or as little as is required. We should look at the qualifications and change those. If we have teacher assessed grades for the next two years then it doesn’t matter if I fail to teach geometrical applications of vectors to my class. If an employed accepts someone who has a grade 8 in mathematics does the employer use that as a measure of that person’s ability to prove geometrical results using vectors or solving quadratic equations by completing the square? No, they do not. Employers use examination grades to give a measure of ability overall. Is that person good at mathematics? A teacher or centre assessed grade will still give that measure to employers, college or university.

STOP thinking that education is 200 things that pupils have to know before they leave school and start thinking about education as a process. Missing school for a few months doesn’t make kids any more stupid. It protects those in society from getting a dangerous virus that is KILLING 500 people a fucking day in this country.

Right, so I’ve fixed this concept of a fixed amount of education and we can use teachers to give grades so that society has a measure of the pupils we released to the wild. The next issue spoken about is that pupils need to be in school. The best place for young people is in school and I have some things to say about this.

Firstly, being in a supportive social environment is incredibly important to young people and mixing with others around their age is important. But the issue at stake here is that schools are where we force the rules of society onto people. It’s where we create the lifelong rules that people follow so that they fit into this current society. Late for school? Get punished. Mess around? Get punished. Swear at a teacher? Get punished. This societal requirement for school means that teachers and school staff do far more than educate children in the academic requirements of the world. We support the growth of young people and allow them to see different views and practice arguing and learning about how the world works. Schools are more than examination factories, we are places for creating future society because we don’t trust other people or families to do that well.

The mental health of our young people is incredibly important and schools form a massive part of giving meaning and a belonging to young people. Schools give structure to lives and help people develop. Having faced episodes of mental health issues in my life I am fully aware of how important good mental health and a supportive structure is to an individual. Rather than forcing society to rely on schools as a place of mental health support there should be much more of a support structure outside of school. The government admitting that we need pupils in schools for mental health reasons means that we have failed as a society to support our young people. If we require schools to do all these things then we are doing the bare minimum as a country. Pupils struggle without the support of school and I know children in supportive families who are having problems. The issue isn’t that schools are closed. The real issue is a lack of funding for support services outside of school and constant cuts over the last twelve years or more.

What sort of society do we live in where we are at the point of forcing schools to be open to support the economic activity of parents? Another reason being spouted for schools staying open is that parents can’t work if their kids are home. What sort of society have we created where the “family” unit can’t operate as a family and has to rely on state sponsored childcare? This is the government admitting that without teachers and schools taking your children off your hands for six hours a day then we can’t run economically as a country and that horrifies me. It would be nice to have the recognition that these are the things that schools perform for society. But recognition rarely comes.

So, to turn things around we need to do the following:

  1. Change how our qualifications work to support real learning in schools rather than examination results being the result of children need to know these 200 things.
  2. Pump money into bespoke services to look after the mental health of all people.
  3. Pump money into creating a society that can cope economically without aspects of education always being open.

Now you can see the issues. Everything I have said, except removing public examination, will cost money. It’s a political choice.

Oh, by the way. I’m angry and have been for four years. But it’s getting worse. I’ve been shrugging all governmental responses off over the last year or so but I’m going through a phase of not being able to do that.

43 x 47

New year new glasses or however the saying goes. Not a lot to say but I did think I should write something before playing some games. Let’s summarise what’s happening at the moment:

Weather – shit
Human rights – likely to be trampled
Pandemic – still really bad
Roaming charges – likely to return
Horrible people – still in charge
Scientific illiteracy – still high
Uncle Frank – still a racist

So, going well in the new year then. I think I might start another miniseries on YouTube this time flying different types of aircraft in X-Plane. I just need to find a nice place to fly a few circuits. I expect each video to be around five minutes long. I need to have a practice at some.

I don’t do resolutions but I am going to try and play a more varied selection of computer [or console] games this year. I have many games and I enjoy buying them but I rarely get through them. I have some suspicions about why this is and I will probably write about that some day. But, much like buying books, getting new games is exciting and I like owning things. I’ve solved the books buying issue by buying a Kindle and making sure that I read more things more often. I’m doing well at the moment. It helps not having loads of channels on the television because there aren’t that many things I want to watch. There will be even less once the NFL season finishes in about a month.

Anyway, we have to keep our hopes up that at some point this government will accidentally do something good and actually help people. At the moment they seem to be a bunch of art history students trying to understand that gravity exists. Which is probably what they are:

Boris Johnson – Classics Oxford, Eton
Rishi Sunak – PPE Oxford, Winchester College
Dominic Raab – Law Oxford, Dr Challanor’s Grammar [state school]
Priti Patel – Economics Keele, Westfield Technical College [state school]
Michael Gove – English Oxford, Robert Gordon’s College
Robert Buckland – Law Durham, St Michael’s School
Ben Wallace – Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Millfield
Matt Hancock – PPE Oxford, Kings School
Alok Sharma – Applied Physics and Electronics Salford, Presentation College
Elizabeth Truss – PPE Oxford, Roundhay School [state school]
Therese Coffey – Chemistry Oxford, St Mary’s College
Gavin Williamson – Social Science Bradford, Raincliffe School [state school]
George Eustice – Truro Cathedral School
Robert Jenrick – History Cambridge, Wolverhampton Grammar School
Grant Shapps – Business HND Manchester Polytechnic, Watford Grammar School [state school]
Brandon Lewis – Law Buckingham, Forest School
Alister Jack – Glenalmond College
Simon Hart – Radley College
Natalie Evans – Social and Political Sciences Cambridge, Henrietta Barnett School [state school]
Oliver Dowden – Law Cambridge, Parmiter’s School [state school]
Amanda Milling – Economics and statistics UCL, Moreton Hall School

Testing The ‘Rona

I have spent the last few days angry and I expect it will continue. This government was, until yesterday, insisting that schools return for education and school stuff in the new year. This is while this country is ravaged by Covid-19. The numbers do not look good. The virus is rampant and the spike after christmas jolities will occur in a week when, once again, the government will act as though they don’t understand a two week delay to everything they introduce. They are incompetent and have been. They lack the balls and empathy to do the right thing. I hear people say it must be difficult for people in charge and while I agree with that sentiment I feel those people are largely trying to find an excuse to forgive the tories from their utter ineptitude. The current bunch of politicians in charge of this country – and voted for by most of the country – are selfish pricks who don’t care about anything other than themselves.

There has been an insistence that schools must stay open whatever is happening and that education is really important. Wow. Given the lack of investment in schools and education over the last twelve years I’m surprised at this attitude. Maybe tories just don’t like their children and do everything they can to get them out of the house. I haven’t had a real term pay rise for over twelve years. Education has been underfunded for over twelve years. Just like the NHS the tories haven’t invested because of their policy of austerity over the last fucking decade.

So we should keep schools open but we don’t get the funding to do so. It’s like there is a belief that we should teach a fixed amount to the children and then test that “learning” or the whole system will fail. I don’t understand this rigid thought process. I can solve this now. Let teachers grade their pupils over the next two years. Cancel public examinations. Remove all forms of accountability by exam results. Let teachers give realistic grades to their students as a measure of how they have progressed and learnt over the last while. This removes the need for examinations, removes the need for all pupils to have learnt the same things and removes the need for keeping schools “open”. To be clear, when schools are closed the education is still happening. Teachers have upskilled immensely over the last year to do their best to deliver their passions and subjects online. Pupils motivation and parental support are always the biggest inhibitors to education – not what the schools or teachers do.

So, I’ve “fixed” education for you. Now you can put in policy to maintain the health of the nation and ensure that we work together to end this pandemic and get the disease under control. It is criminal that the number of deaths is as high as it is. The sheer ineptitude of the government should be enough to cause a revolution but that won’t happen in this country and that makes me sad. I don’t think there will be any accountability of this government for the deaths and illness. I think in four years when we have the next election there will be enough selfish people in this country to vote the tories back in. I am largely ashamed to live in such a selfish and racist country.

So, to testing. That is the point of this communication. I’ve read about testing for covid and I’ve decided to write this to get some handle on what it all means. This writing in my way of processing the information. So, some things to say first. There are different types of test and they aren’t all the same. If you test and get a positive it is likely you have the disease. If you test negative though it does not mean you are clear. Let’s see why. Testing relies on the virus replicating in your body enough so that there is lots of it in your saliva or snot. When you breathe or cough you expel tiny droplets and these are then absorbed by someone else, this is how this virus transmits. Also, we could leave virus particles on surfaces and other people then touch those surfaces and their mucus membranes. The current tests rely on either swabbing to see if your viral load is high or blood tests to see if you have developed blood cells that fight the disease.

The PCR test is the most accurate but takes time and money. They are almost 100% accurate if you have the disease. The false negative rate is low as long as you have some symptoms. It could be that you are infected but in the early stages and we know that it can take UP TO fourteen days for symptoms to first show. Therefore any negative doesn’t mean you are clear. All other types of Covid test are compared to PCR testing as it is highly accurate.

The Lateral Flow quick test has been hailed by the government and I suspect is the one being rolled out to schools for some fucking reason. Let’s look at the numbers involved with this test. Because it all comes down to probability and getting the numbers correct. The sensitivity [detecting the virus if you have it] ranges from 79% to 49% when those administering the tests range from laboratory scientists to tests performed by self-administration. We will use these numbers shortly.

The specificity of the lateral flow test [telling you that you are infected when you aren’t] runs at 0.4%. More accurately the specificity of the lateral flow test is 99.6%, it is a measure of how accurate the test is at being doubly wrong. So, if you aren’t infected there is a very good chance that you will get a negative result and only 0.4% of people who aren’t infected will be told they have the disease.

However, if you do have the ‘rona then the probabilities look far worse. The lateral flow test will miss around 50% of those people and declare them negative. This quite clearly shows that a negative result doesn’t mean you are negative. It doesn’t mean you can go visit grandma and it doesn’t mean you can go out. I’ve just read from UCL that up to 86% of carriers of SARS-Cov-2 virus might be asymptomatic. You need to have symptoms for the lateral flow test to work (ish), the lateral flow test will miss half of those infected and the rate is even worse if they are self-administered. This is not good news.

I’ve done some number crunching and it looks as though the probability of you testing negative even though you have the ‘rona could be as high as 25% [50% in some cases]. Oddly, maybe, this is an example of probability I teach sixth formers although I have to say I normally use the concept of a “terrorist detector” to show how immigration policies are bullshit. So, this all means that the government policy of using Lateral FLow Tests in large scale population preemptive testing is bollocks and won’t work. Just like everything else they have done this virus reaction won’t do what they think it will and be a waste of time and money and lives. If only they had paid attention to the Italians, Koreans and such like in the early days.

We all have a right to be very angry about the government’s response to this pandemic. We can acknowledge that it must be tough at the top but we can also acknowledge that they are doing an amazingly shit job of it. We are suffering and people are dying [500 a day] because the British public voted in a bunch of self-obsessed selfish losers who think it is their right to govern when, in reality, they are the worst possible group of people to lead us through this crisis. Fuck them.

I read a few articles to get this information but these were the main ones. Horizon Magazine of the EU research centre and also this one from UK Patient Site along with this one from the BMJ.


I went along the river Medway for a walk in the cool temperatures and I wasn’t expecting to find a second world war relic. I mean, there are 17th century castles and defenses to save the British fleet from being destroyed [again] but something slightly more contemporary was a slight surprise. I also didn’t expect it to at an extreme slant!

Cockham Wood FW3/22 Pillbox
Cockham Wood FW3/22 Pillbox

I guess the photograph doesn’t make it look so bad but I will confess that standing inside [it didn’t smell of piss which was a surprise] made me feel quite disorientated with walls and floors at strange angles. I almost felt like I do when I wear the PSVR.

Cockham Wood Pillbox Inside Out View
Cockham Wood Pillbox Inside Out View

I think the above picture is pretty neat. I wasn’t expecting a family to be there but it works really well. So glad that I have a reasonable camera on my phone. I tried to avoid taking pictures of all the rubbish inside the pillbox.

St Mary's Island, Medway
St Mary’s Island, Medway

The river itself was very still, I think it was approaching high tide and there wasn’t that much wind. This meant I didn’t have to use a slow exposure to get a smoothing of the water.

Upnor Steps
Upnor Steps

God, it was nice to be out and somewhere else. To be somewhere where the limit of my view is more that about three metres. I do think that my eyes are suffering with this being stuck indoors quite a bit. Maybe I should get to taking tea in the garden more often. I think I could stand and stare at Bushey Wood.