The Real Thing – Faith No More

I bought this because a big part of me wants to really like Faith No More. But, it doesn’t quite do it for me. I’m not sure why. This is a solid album but not one I would play too often. I’m not even sure if I’ve played past the first two songs, I’m writing this review on reputation alone!

The Razor’s Edge – AC/DC

Blow Up Your Video came along as my awareness of AC/DC grew and I really liked the album. I seem to remember being in Jersey and having it on tape although I mostly bought records, music cassettes were a popular portable method for listening to music. The Razor’s Edge was the second album released by AC/DC after my consciousness was raised. It’s an excellent album and has a number of great songs.

  • Thunderstruck – everyone knows this song. It’s a great song. The video is excellent. A great opener and worth the hype.
  • Fire You Guns – another high speed brilliant song.
  • Moneytalks – It does doesn’t it, but also another single and a great song.
  • The Razor’s Edge – brilliant, well crafted.
  • Mistress For Christmas – a fucking terrible song made for the xmas market but it’s kinda cheeky also and makes me laugh. I suppose you have to be good at song writing to be able to write this stuff.
  • Rock You heart Out – proper high speed rock.
  • Are You Ready – a live classic and classic AC/DC. I’m running out of superlatives.
  • Got You By The Balls – not the best AC/DC song with balls in the title but still a great song.
  • Shot Of Love – not sure about this one.
  • Let’s Make It – AC/DC songs are pretty much all about sex. All of them.
  • Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck – it’s ok.
  • If You Dare – fantastic riff work.

There’s an awful lot of good on this album and not a lot of shit. It’s well worth owning and playing. Everyone sings along with AC/DC right?

The Number Of The Beast – Iron Maiden

666. An obscure reference from the drug induced writings of a crazy man and two thousand years later we have people concerned about a number causing bad shit. I know the religious have issues with reality but it makes me laugh just how much they think writing a particular thing or saying a thing can affect the physical world. It’s a bit like them believing that wishing really hard actually does anything.

I’ve had this album since I first got into metal all those years ago. I didn’t get it when it came out, my development occurred a few years after that but by 1988 I was a fully fledged member of the Maiden fandom and totally loved everything they did. This album with Clive Burr on drums is still amazing and something that stands up to time. I know I’m going to be slightly controversial when I say there isn’t a duff song on here as I know there are friends of mine who feel quite strongly about some of them:

  • Invaders – As an opener I’ve always liked this song. I sort of consider it a follow up to Invasion. Close friends of mine disagree with its greatness.
  • Children Of The Damned – is a fucking masterpiece and I recently played it to get the guitar solos out of my head as they were ear-worming. Bloody marvellous.
  • The Prisoner – this song made me seek out the TV show and both are great. Personally I’ve always been slightly irritated that the start-stop gives way to full-blown rampage a bit too quick.
  • 22 Acacia Avenue – the follow up to Charlotte The Harlot and possibly my least favourite song on the album. I don’t know why.
  • The Number Of The Beast – a song about the beast. Brilliant. I guess it worked into the Satanic Panic of the later 1980s.
  • Run To The Hills – a social commentary on the genocide of the native Americans if a bit gimicky.
  • Gangland – I really live this. I like the speed and the beat.
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name – shiver down my spine. Simple.

The Lost Children – Disturbed

Now, I know that The Sickness is an awesome album, and it’ll be reviewed later in this series. This particular album I am less sure of. I don’t think I’ve played it that much. The best thing about Disturbed is the singers voice. It’s very distinctive and really makes every song much better than it actually is.

Line Infacted

I think I’m managing quite well with the suitable distribution of my income. A while back I wrote that I had stopped spending money on music streaming services and if I want some songs then I will pay for them properly. We all know that Spotify pay very little out to the artist for each play and it’s only the mega-hits that actually make any money. I’d try and link that communication here but the way I write the names of these communications means I might have zero chance of finding it. Here goes! I found it! The point is for more of my money to go to the artist. The website Bandcamp seems the best way of doing that short of Patreon or Venmo [which I have never used!].

This morning I have updated the music list on the iPhone contents page. Not that it’s easy to find the new stuff, there’s an awful lot of stuff listed. But I’ve recently bought a few albums and so I thought it was time to update it. There’s a definite theme within that music list of heavy metal, thrash metal and then German rock along with EBM and aggrotech. If you search that list enough you might even find some songs that could be considered “embarrassing”. Have a look and let me know if you find one. Anything from Top Gun does not count, obvs.

I’ve been listening to the music projects of two main labels over the last few years. Those labels are Infacted Records and Out Of Line Music. My most recent purchases are:

  • Deathless – Amelia Arsenic
  • Requiem for the Hyperreal – Shiv-r
  • Kill God Ascend – Shiv-r
  • That Annihilated Place – Pete Crane
  • Traumatized – Lights Of Euphoria
  • Dark Passenger – Decoded Feedback
  • Domination – Agrezzior
  • Sittenverfall – Schallfaktor
  • Judas – Lord Of The Lost

There’s quite a bit of a mix there from electronic to bombastic over the top operatic rock but it’s all good. Well worth a listen. If you like that sort of thing. I will say that the bass line from “To Love Is To Destroy” by Amelia Arsenic is DIRTY.

When I eventually finish the album reviews the idea is to go back and review every album I’ve bought in the last eight years or so. I’ve tried to avoid writing about all the EBM and Aggrotech in the reviews and I will eventually get around to writing about them. Oh, I’ve had both vaccination injections and am looking forward to being considered fully vaccinated in two weeks.

The Last Sucker – Ministry

I really like the music of Ministry since I first heard “Jesus Built My Hotrod”. There’s a great element of chaos in the songs which I enjoy. They are pretty damn good live too. This album is the third in the series of Uncle Al Hates GW Bush. Quite a few musicians are on the left of politics and Al is there too. Maybe it comes from accepting the strange and odd, accepting those who are different, being more tolerant and having an education? I don’t know. I suspect there are definitely right wing musicians out there, much as there are right wing people in society at large. I think my view is mostly that those on the right are distrusting of difference and broadly selfish – they expect that people should be able to sort themselves out. My view is that I’m trusting and accepting of differences along with understanding that people need help and I’m happy to do my bit.

Can you imagine what Uncle Al has thought about the Trump years? I mean, it is arguable that GW was the worst president ever and entirely useless and thick. Then, Trump came along and makes GW look like a fucking saint. Can you imagine how shit you have to be to make GW look good? Bush Jr was fucking terrible. An absolute shit president. New levels of shitness have to be used when describing Trump. If you want to elevate Trump to some level exceeding “really shit” then I think the education system has failed. It’s like thinking that Johnson in the UK is a trustworthy sensible bloke. We are in the same situation this side of the pond.

I’m not sure of any song particularly sticking out on this album but I do like the sound of Watch Yourself. I’ve been listening to Ministry while playing Minecraft as the both go together. I do wish that Uncle Al would keep going but everyone dies at some point.

See if you can spot me in the crowd.

The Headless Children – W.A.S.P.

As I wait for the hottest day of the year, so far there will be warmer I think, I ponder the human experience of enjoying music and sounds. How is it that certain sounds or combinations there of can affect us emotionally? How is it that I like the music I do and not anything else? I have very little brain-time for other forms of music and as much as I know they exist I care not. I think this should be left for another day, there’s music to discuss:

W.A.S.P. were one of those bands that always seemed scary and on the edge of what was acceptable. I felt that they pushed the boundaries of acceptability and purposely went out to shock. I’ve never seen W.A.S.P. live and I should have last October but – Covid – and I still want to see them. I thin it’d be great. Their music has a proper 80s L.A. feel to it. And it also has swear words. Plenty of swear words that offend the older generation. Songs like Animal, Mean Man, DB Blues these are all great if a little immature.

The Headless Children was the first studio album by W.A.S.P. that I bought. It’s also the best studio album by them. Clearly Live . . .In The Raw is the best album. The Headless Children was the result of what happens when you quit drugs but still write good songs. It’s an amazing album.

I can even cope with Forever Free which came on while I was in the car the other day and I didn’t skip it as I would with most ballads.