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A while back I gave up my Spotify subscription. My reasons were partly that I just kept listening to the same songs over and over and I also thought the payment that the artist receives was paltry. At that time I decided I would buy albums of artists I liked and own the music. I think this is the morally correct thing to do. There are a number of artists I really listen a lot to and they don’t make masses of money. I’m not talking about mega-bands like Metallica or Maiden, I’m talking here about bands I regularly play in 500 seat theatres. I say theatres but they are more the loveliest dives in London.

I saw the band/singer/artist Leaether Strip at M’era Luna a few years ago and I loved it. I thought he was great. Such a nice chap with excellent music. His husband was playing the keyboards for him and it was clear there was such love between the two of them. Now, I’m not really a “meet your heroes” type of person. I’ve heard enough stories about famous people being, well, people and assholes so I’m happy to leave the artists alone and let them get on and I’ll enjoy what they do. Some music I don’t listen to anymore because of the behaviour of the artist – LostProphets.

The reason for this communication is I bought an album by Leaether Strip and I know I like the music but I also know that the money helps the two men get on with their lives and especially to support Kurt as he’s been ill for a while and has had a kidney transplant. I get music I know I will like and they get a little bit of help for their lives. Seems a fair saw to me. I’m very happy for you to use the link in this paragraph to go and buy stuff also.

Screaming Symphony – Impellitteri

This is going to be a terrible review of this album. I’ll explain why in a moment. I wrote about Crunch much earlier on in this series of reviews and my gut instincts are still the same. At some point soon I will write about “Stand In Line” which is amazing – I love it. I was given a tape of this album in the late 80s and I have always enjoyed it.

I would describe this music as a cross between Yngwie J Malmsteen and Megadave. You have that speed melody and heavy crunching guitars at times. Sometimes the riffs sound almost Dio like, especially “Rat Race” and “You Are The Fire”.

This album is quite poor and derivative. It’s been done better elsewhere. I was listening to it while writing this but I am more looking forward to the next album review!!

Scourge – Xentrix

I bought this because Xentrix were a band who I had listened to in the early 90s. I think I had a music cassette by them and it might have been a live album. I don’t think it was brilliant but it was ok. I’m not sure I’ve listened to this album although I did see Xentrix live two summers ago.

Schematic – Senser

Communication number 1668. Here’s what was happening in England during that year; lots of people were born and lots died, Newton created a reflecting telescope, the British East India Company took control of Bombay by “Royal Charter”, William Penn was imprisoned for writing a pamphlet attacking trinitarian doctrine.

Schematic is a decent album by Senser. It’s worth getting. Am I aware of any of the songs in particular? No. But this is worth owning if you like their particular brand of rock.

Savages – Soulfly

When this is published on this site this will be communication number 1667. Here’s what was going on in England in 1667. The Dutch sailed up the Medway and destroyed part of the English Navy. The Dutch attempt to sail up the Thames but don’t make it. The Dutch then land in Suffolk but are beaten back. In July the Second Anglo-Dutch war is ended by treaty. Paradise Lost is published, I know nothing about this book. Robert Hooke was being a genius.

I’ve had this album on in the background while I wrote the previous communication and I have to say, it’s just a metal/nu-wave album. The song Fuck Reality is quite funny I guess.

SAP – Alice In Chains

This is really an EP and came as an extra CD with Jar Of Flies by Alice In Chains. I bought this in the early days of CD players. If you want to listen to this properly then you need to be drunk, lying on the floor and wearing sunglasses in the dark. I can’t think of a better way to experience this.


That pretty much describes this album. It has all the classic vocal styles of Alice along with decent acoustic sounds followed by grunge/Seattle sounds. It is a masterpiece.

Rust In Peace – Megadeth

Well, what is there to say about an almost perfect album? This is an amazing collection of songs. Rust In Peace ends the current run of “R” albums and there have been some monsters here:

  • Rammstein
  • Randy Rhoads Tribute
  • Reign In Blood
  • Reise, Reise
  • Resident Evil
  • Ride The Lightning
  • Rio Grande Blood

And so now to the last “R”.

This album starts with the magnum opus that is:

  • Holy Wars . . . The Punishment Due – such an energetic song that will blow you away. It just keeps getting better and better. Mercy killings, mercy killings, killings, killings.
  • Hangar 18 – a very good song with a hilarious video. I mean, it isn’t true but the song is good. As far as I know they even wrote a follow up song but at least this isn’t that terrible song by ‘tallica. The change of pace / riff / syncopation half way through the song really gives me the shivers.
  • Take No Prisoners – power blasting through the bass bins. Amazing. High speed riffage. Lovely. Fast chord work. Cool. A fast bouncy verse that leads to speed changes. A pluckying bass line. This sound would pound you live.
  • Five Magics – more head hitting openings with a lovely melody on the bass. The introduction is two minutes long and then you get the main part of the song. The riff in the last minute of this song will have you running into the rest of the pit.
  • Poison Was The Cure – Another bass opening [good old Dave], then a high speed twisty verse with crazy riffs.
  • Lucretia – For some reason I don’t like the opening of this song. But I will say that once the main riff starts this is bloody amazing. There’s something special in the bouncy quality of this whole album. It would be brilliant to attend a concert where they played this whole album. The middle section of this song is so lyrical without any lyrics. Love it.
  • Tornado Of Souls – The way this song opens and just keeps the energy going means I get blown away every time I listen to it.
  • Dawn Patrol – There’s always one song that’s quite left-field on MegaDave albums and this is that one. But, it’s amazing. Creepy and dark. Foreboding. Brilliant.
  • Rust In Peace . . . . Polaris – Gosh how I wish that in the last thirty years since this album was released that our nukes had been destroyed and humankind had finally decided that having the power of fission/fusion bombs was beyond the responsibility of any single country or person. But that hasn’t happened. This song is the final flourish to an album that would still make a list of great ones. A lot of other albums I own are in the “I know it’s brilliant and was necessary to move music along but I no longer like it” category. This one is still in the real list.

Rosenrot – Rammstein

Look. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: Rammstein are amazing. I love it. I can’t get enough and it just stuns me all the time. The thing is, and this is mentioned elsewhere within these communications, I forget song names. Bands I have grown to like over the last twenty years or so, Rammstein included, have suffered from a case of me not having the time to stare at the album packaging. It’s worse these days as I rarely buy physical copies of music and rarely look at the actual titles of songs I hear. This along with a propensity to not really listen to the lyrics combines to mean I don’t know song titles. Unless the chorus is the title over and over.

I know the songs and I know which ones I like but naming them? Almost impossible.

Just go and buy everything by Rammstein. You’ll not regret it.

This Was Warm
This Was Warm