After The War – Gary Moore

After The War by Gary Moore was bought for me as a vinyl album for my seventeenth birthday by SJR. Not sure why some album gifts and purchases really stick in my mind but this one does. Obviously, I taped the album so I could listen to it on my Walkman cassette player while at school and work and eventually I bought the album from iTunes to digitise my collection.

I don’t like the iTunes album because it starts with a non-vinyl appearance of Dunluce, Pt 1. This kinda ruins the opening of the album for me, although I won’t delete it. I don’t think this album has a bad song on it. I like them all. Interestingly I had never really heard any Led Zeppelin before this album and the song Led Clones which was meant to sound like them started me investigating who Led Zeppelin were and what their music was like.

This is just a good British rock album by an excellent artist.