Up – One Year

I have been a member of the Up community for a year. I first found out about the Up band on the flight to Washington DC and then bought one in the Apple Store in Georgetown.

The Up band measures and stores information about my movement. That is pretty much it. What this allows me to do is track my steps each day and also my sleep patterns. The Up app on my iPhone also connects to my food intake app and the app I use to track my runs and other forms of exercise.

In the year that I have owned an Up band I have had a number of replacements. I think I have had to get three replacements. I’m not sure if there is a build issue but something seems to go wrong. While I still have a band that is in the guarantee period I will continue to use an Up band. Eventually, the company will stop replacing them for me and I’ll probably jump ship to another fitness tracker.

Over the last year and for the periods that data is available [there’s about two months for which I do not have any data as I had no band] I have:

  • Eaten an average of 2492 kCal per day
  • Burnt an average of 2502 kCal per day
  • Made an average of 9064 steps per day
  • Walked an average of 7803 metres per day
  • Average sleep per night is 7.04 hours


I have just noticed that n=308, so two months without the band is about right.

My Up band, large, onyx.