Hocico – Electrowerkz

I took a trip to Electrowerkz to see Hocico with Smith. I’ve been to Electrowerkz a number of times, I really like it. It would have been good to stay for the Slimelight club but I had some stuff on early the next day and so we left after the gig.

First up were Spawn Of Psychosis.

Spawn Of Psychosis

This was the best shot I could be bothered to try and get of the band. They were shit. Seriously, they were terrible. The guitar solos were painful and the rest of the band didn’t do much better. Perhaps they’d just had a bad day but I really wouldn’t want to see them again. Having just googled their name it turns out they are from Maidstone, my nearest town. That’s a shame. I don’t think even my local interest would have saved this review!

The next band were called Biomechanimal. Here’s the best shot I have of them:


These guys were better. Much better. The songs were quite enjoyable. I can’t remember any specifics, which is a shame. Perhaps the terror of the first band hadn’t quite worked its way out of my head.

Finally we were treated to Hocico. These two guys are cousins from Mexico. Their music seems reasonable, but the vocals are quite distorted on the studio albums so I wasn’t sure how enjoyable they would be live. Here’s what they look like:


I definitely remember the song “Sex Sick” and some others from the recent album. Overall they were pretty good. The played for 90 minutes which was probably too long. There wasn’t a great deal of variation in their music and beat.


As you can see, I didn’t really go out of my way to try and get great photos. I was concentrating on listening and dancing rather than when to take the best shot. Also, the lighting at Electrowerkz tends to all come from behind the stage, there’s a low ceiling in front, and so it’s quite hard to photo.

The singer of Hocico had plenty of energy and was drinking wine on stage which I don’t think I’ve seen before. At least the wine was offered out to the front row.

Hocico were good and I enjoyed it. The atmosphere was really good. I’m looking forward to seeing them again at M’era Luna, should the timetable allow.