Right, before I type more I need to collect my cup of tea from the kitchen. Perhaps you can look at this tweet:

So, this is where I tell you what I thought of the film. I really liked it. I’m not sure what the fuck I watched but I thought it was great. I’m going to write this before I go and investigate the film and figure out what happened so that you get a more “raw” review.

I liked the story line. It was quite brilliant casting as Michael Keaton was my first movie Batman and I pretty much still think of him as such. He acted brilliantly. The style of filming with the camera walking around the theatre was great. I loved the sound track although I would say that jazz drumming is not my thing it really added to the film, it made it more simple than a different type of score would have.

The filming or post production was really clever as they removed the camera from the reflections in the mirrors. This made it feel more ghostly as the camera moved around. All the cast were great and I think their performances really made the film.

This whole thing was a great experience. Well worth seeing.


I’m not sure if the writer, Raymond Carver, is meant to be fictional or actually existed. It’s something I’m going to look up.

I thought the film caught the paranoia of stage actors brilliantly. Along with their terrible egos. Now, I don’t really know any stage actors, I’m just extrapolating from my days treading the boards.

I’m not sure if the whole telekinesis thing is meant to be real or just a figment of his imagination. I hope it’s real, but then, TK doesn’t really exist!

I’m not sure what the last scene meant although I know what it was.

I am now going to go and read a little about this film. It’s unlikely I’ll post that stuff here. Go read it yourself.