I got two rather cool gifts from my further mathematics class when I saw them for the last time today. The first thing is an iPhone case that looks a lot like a very early calculator.

iPhone Calculator Case

There is a slight mistake though because you can’t write “hello” on a calculator without putting a decimal point after the zero so it should look like “hell.o”. Just me being a pedant and geek there.

The next gift is a gorgeous looking fossil.


The details of this fossil are:

Upper Lias, Lower Jurassic Ammonite from Whitby:-

Dactylioceras (Orthodactylites) tenuicostatum

The Grey Shales, Tenuicostatum Subzone, Tenuicostatum Zone, Upper Lias, Lower Jurassic, Kettleness, Nr. Whitby, North Yorkshire, England

180 million years old

Really impressed with this. Going to keep it safe.

The class were: Alex, Peter, Lewis, Stephen, Michael, James, Thomas, Thomas and Joshua.