The Country

Here’s some photographs I took while walking the dog yesterday morning. I think next time I want some really good shots that capture the look and feel of what I see I’ll have to take my D-SLR.
Problem is that by the time I have set the D-SLR up properly the moment will be lost!

WW2 Barrack Ruins




The Path


More Sunrise


Even More Sunrise



Here’s a picture of the lovely sunset from a few nights ago. I was walking the dog. I only just got this shot as it was quite windy and the clouds were moving fast.


Wet or Not?

Lovely weather at the moment. The rest of the country is on flood alert! About 20 minutes to get home. Will I make it home dry? This is what’s coming for me:


Nearly home! Think I’m going to make it.


It’s raining now. Been home about 15 minutes. Job done.

This is the rain shower I just missed. It’s sunny now! You might like the double rainbow!


3D Running Route

My iPhone app that records my running outputs to a website and from there you can get a Google Earth 3D view of the run. That’s pretty cool.


Local Names

When ww and I talk about routes for walking the dog we give names to parts of local footpaths so we can say the name rather than give a six figure grid reference. Here’s a snip of Google Earth with some arrows pointing at vague features.

Map of places that we have given names
Local Names

A – Sports Field
B – Across middle field
C – George Corner (it’s where our dog did his first “on walk” poo)
D – Bushy Bushey Wood
E – Solar Farm Path
F – Rotary Hill
G – Cock Corner (there’s a graffiti picture of a penis)
H – Burham Route Road Return
I – Burham Route Field Return
J – Burham Route Path
K – School Path
L – Middle Vineyard
M – Vineyard Hill
N – Sheep Path
O – Aylesford Corner
P – George Gate (The dog once ran so fast he couldn’t stop at the gate and hit it hard)
Q – Pylon
R – Stake Corner

I’ve missed an arrow by I and J and this is called Burham Route Near Stream.

So there you have it. A list of terms used in a single household about the local area that is of no use to anyone!


Check out these mushrooms! Saw them in the park or rec as people down here call them. Dog in picture for size reference although I could have photoshopped it. BTW it’s my policy never to mess around with pictures apart from cropping and rotating. It should be right from the start!


Definitely Autumn

Took this picture during a dog walk (there’s a surprise). The colour of the leaves was gorgeous but probably not captured without decent filter or image editing software (which I don’t use).

Carpet of Leaves