It would appear that if you have no idea what to get someone for Newtonmass then you MUST get a book with 1001 things you must do before you die.


So, 1001 albums would take approximately 85 days worth of listening (daytime only) which is doable. But I’d probably hate most of the music.

There is no way I am going to read 1001 books recommended by someone else. I hardly have enough time to read all the books I want let alone read a load I don’t care for.

Films, yeah whatever.

Comics, maybe, I’ll tell Jase.

1001 Golf Holes – really? There are that many worth playing. Gosh, the world is a little more boring than I originally thought.

Wines and beers, whatever.

Video games, maybe but 1001 of them? Nope.

Guitars, seriously? There have been 1001 guitars that are considered important enough to put into a list Oh, give me strength.

1001 days that shaped the world. I can see that making sense, but I do wonder from whose perspective it is drawn.

Paintings, if they move you then good. If not then they aren’t for you. Relax and don’t care.

Cars and buildings are much like paintings and art, it’s made to move you and ultimately I ain’t going to spend time reading this book.

Look, if you have no idea what to get someone then get them a book telling them there’s too much to do in this pathetic little life that we have on this dying planet.