Fly On The Wall – AC/DC

Up front confession. I really like AC/DC. I always have. This album is far superior to Flick Of the Switch. I think the production has a better quality and the vocals are cleaner. Obviously most of the songs are about sex, as with every single AC/DC album ever.

A few years (many years really) I bought a couple of AC/DC VHS tapes. One was the video of them live in Paris, the ending of which I cried at. The other VHS tape was a collection of the videos from this album.

Fly on the wall – the anticipation for the start of the steady beat makes this song genius.
Shake Your Foundations – awesome riff and a real “boppy” feel.
First Blood – Good steady rock track.
Danger – Just don’t talk to strangers. A scary opening sound!
Sink The Pink – obviously it’s about playing a game of snooker/pool! A great song.
Playing With The Girls – good song with a rolling rhythm.
Stand Up – ingenious mix and arrangement with the kick drum.
Hell or High Water – The verse riff annoys me a little but the chorus riff is great.
Back In Business – A faster, almost ZZ Top, song!
Send For The Man – Good opening riff. The rest is OK.

There are three albums from the 80s for AC/DC which don’t reach the majesty of the 70s music. This is one of them. They all start with “F”.