For Sale – Home Cinema Amp

Just in case anyone reading this wants to buy it, I have a home cinema amplifier up for sale. If you can collect it and pay me GBP50 then you can have it. It’s a Sony STRDG-910. I do not have any speakers for you, you’ll have to get them yourself.
Here’s the gumpf I have collected about it:

For Sale

Home Cinema Amplifier £50

Looking for a bit more bang for your buck?

Buy this 700W 7.1 Sony Amplifier (no speakers supplied)

Sony STR-DG910

Feature packed High Definition home cinema receiver with HDMI, autocalibration for easy set-up and BRAVIA Theatre Sync for one-push button operation. Also listen via the DMPORT connection to all audio files stored on your Walkman, mobile phone or laptop.

Amp Front


Future-proof HDMI connection (3 In/1 Out) to bridge multiple High Definition sources to Flat TVs/Home Cinema Projectors without any picture/audio quality loss.
Digital Cinema Autocalibration – just place the microphone on your couch and plug it into the receiver. The receiver adjusts automatically the perfect surround sound according to your room and speaker set-up.
BRAVIA Theatre Sync functionality, The feature enables you to operate your home cinema system just by pushing one single button if connected with BRAVIA TV.
DIGITAL MEDIA PORT (DMPORT) connectivity. Just plug in any of the 4 available DMPORTs and enjoy your audio files from your Walkman, mobile phone or laptop.
Video Up-conversion to HDMI. You will need only one HDMI cable to your TV and just switch the video sources on your receiver.
8-channel Linear PCM for High Definition sound from Blu-ray discs. Enjoy 7.1 sound in CD-quality for each channel.
1080p pass through – HD film quality passed to screen with no loss in quality
Discrete 6 channels with equally 100W (+subwoofer) for powerful home entertainment.
All relevant surround formats are supported: Dolby® Digital / DTS / Dolby® Digital EX / DTS-ES (Matrix/Discrete) / DTS 96/24 / DTS NEO:6 / Dolby® Pro Logic / Dolby® Pro Logic II / Dolby® Pro Logic IIx / Dolby® Dual Mono /96k/24Bit PCM
Sony’s Proprietary Digital Cinema Sound (developed together with Sony Pictures) to bring the sound from the best cinemas to your living room.

This text is probably (c) Sony as I lifted it from their website.