Kentish Garden

Took a trip out to Sissinghurst in deepest darkest Kent. It’s a National Trust garden and although billed as a Castle Garden, there wasn’t much of a castle.

It was a nice few hours spent wandering around and see stuff. As someone who isn’t that bothered by plants I guess some of it was lost on me at a deep level. There were plenty of people stopping and smelling and touching the flowers but I didn’t. Yes, they look nice but I’m just not interested.

Here’s a gallery of green.

On a walk around the lakes there was a little door in the bank. How strange.


There did seem to be quite a few German visitors and this pleased me, the Germans coming over and spending their money, although granted it’s not as much money as before the referendum.

Vegetable Patch 2014

Planted the vegetables for this year. It’s a disgrace really as I don’t eat them and neither do the kids but I think it’s important for them to see stuff grow.
This year we have:

The potatoes are in round pots to try and keep them contained:


We have the rest planted in the ground. The silver plant container has chestnut trees we planted last autumn.


Poo Crime

I been to Suffolk on occasions, mostly to observe USA warplanes taking off. It’s not really been the sort of place I have visited deliberately! However, this changed when I went and stayed with some friends near Ipswich. I had a lovely time but was slightly horrified and curious when they mentioned a particular, occasional, pastime.

Poo Crime

Just suppose there is someone you don’t particularly like and they live near you. Then, you might indicate your displeasure at that person by defecating in their garden. You don’t want to get caught so you do this at night. I am vaguely reminded of a “Dave Bowman” plan to plant one on the desk of the Bolhp monster while at college. This is something I would have to deny any knowledge of whether there was such a plan or whether it was carried out!


Saw this earlier today in the sunshine and it warmed me through. So nice to see spring flowers and sunshine. It’s been rather grey for the last few months.
A garden in Kent:


Not Green Fingers

Just spent a wonderfully pleasant hour with #1 son sowing seeds in the garden. We tidied the vegetable patch and got rid of the weeds and then planted this year’s selection of veg. It’s going to be carrots, parsnips and chillies. I don’t think the chillies are going to survive the cold so I’ll get some more and grow them inside.


We also read the instructions for the tomatoes and are actually going to grow them inside. They are on the kitchen window sill.


Home Grown

Picture of a spider we found at the bottom of the garden. It was about 20 mm long in the body.


Slow Worm

Here’s a picture of a slow worm I found in the garden. It was hiding below the wheelie bin and then basked in the sun for a little while before wandering off.