No pak choi ahoy

So my vegetable plot grew well but my pak choi are gone! Not eaten by humans though.
See the carcass of my work:


All done by these:


Mind you it’s been a good talking point with my son. Haven’t trapped any in a jam jar, will do that next year when he’s older.

Vegetable Plot

This is the vegetable plot. I had thought it looked better in the photo than in real life but I might be wrong. Anyway, I don’t like gardening but have found myself tending to the plants on a regular basis. The plants are: beetroot, carrots, lettuce and pak choi. Hopefully my son will enjoy harvesting our goodies and eating them. He seems to be in an apple mood at the moment!
I also have six tomato plants on the go in pots. There are some toms appearing and so hopefully soon my family can eat those. Lots of, very slow, fun. Not quite PS3 really.