It was a lovely day and I was just walking out to bat and would you believe it? I just had to take a photo. Here’s where I work, in the sunshine.

MGS Hot Day
MGS Hot Day


Here’s the thing. Where I work has some rooms with lovely views. Here’s the view from my normal classroom:


As you can see, the view from my classroom is dominated by mud. Mud and the sports hall. In terms of view, this room rather sucks. However, the selling points of the room are plentiful.

  • Cool in the summer
  • Cool in the winter
  • Nobody passes the room, there’s nowhere to go
  • Occasional wildlife, cats, squirrels, pigeons, dog
  • Quiet, there’s no where to go after my room and so I don’t get people walking by
  • Far away from anything else


This room is in the same building and actually has a positive altitude in opposition to my room. The view over Maidstone is lovely and should be worth the effort of changing rooms. However, there are downsides to this room:

  • Hot in the summer (faces east)
  • Hot in the winter (faces east and at top of building)
  • Too bright
  • People can walk past the room to go to other rooms
  • Sometimes the view is just more interesting than the classroom.

The compromise is that although I would love a good view from my work room I value the other good things about my room more.

Butt It’s Hot

It was a hot day today. The car said 32C at one point! I decided to spend some time in the direct sunlight in the garden fitting a water butt. That was a bit stupid. Had to spend the next hour drying out the sweat from all my clothes. Mind you, the water butt looks good and we should have its first rain tomorrow.


Hot today

Feeling warm today, even my Galileo thermometer says it’s hot. Expanding water means slightly less dense and so very specific masses displace less water and so sink to bottom at particular temperatures. Ingenious.