Best of Trust – Trust

So, there’s a band called Anthrax who did a song called Anti-Social. Then after a few years of listening to it I found out it was a cover version by a band called Trust. This was about 1989. Did I try and find out about Trust? No. I left it another 20 years before thinking about it.

So, I saw a band called Treponem Pal and while investigating them I find out about a band called Trust who are connected to them. So, I decide, I will download the “Best of”.

It’s in French because they are a French band. That seems fair enough. Also, they are connected to early AC/DC and Iron Maiden. That’s enough for me.

“Anti-Social” is an awesome song. Anthrax made it their own but the Trust version is better. The French language makes it all the better.

“Police Milice” – great.

“Le Mitard” – with quotations from Jacques Mesrine.

Les Brutes – about oppressive regimes.

So, this is a band with a NWOBHM sound and political lyrics and themes. Brilliant. Oh, don’t forget the cover of “Ride On” by AC/DC. It’s all brilliant.