Pacific Rim

The trailer for this made me worried. It looked pretty poor but it was a hot day and a few hours in an air-conditioned cinema seemed to make sense.
Overall I really enjoyed this film. Yes, it was full of cliché and at times a poor script but overall it’s an excellent example of a crappy kinda action film. It’s a bit like the Iron Man movies but just with larger robots (or whatever you want to call them). It’s also amusing to think that atomic bombs are, once again, the saviour of man-kind. Don’t we have any other ideas for stopping portals from other worlds? We should have some seriously nerdy ideas and make it a “clever” solution to the portal rather than one of brute force, but I guess the general population couldn’t cope with that.
This was a good film in its genre. Worth watching. And, remember to stay through the credits as there’s a lovely little coda that made me laugh out loud in an empty cinema.