G’n’R Lies – Guns And Roses

So, it has taken a while and we are finally into the Gs of my album reviews. These reviews have been organised by album title and also don’t include a lot of the aggrotech that I have bought over the last two years. I doubt I’ll get around to those, also I am starting to stream music more than just buy or download albums. I’m not sure how that will turn out, I like the idea of “owning” an album rather than knowing it’s there to listen to via streaming. Let’s wait and see.

There’s an overriding problem with all of the cock rock from the 80s and G ‘n’ R is one of the main culprits. The lyrics are very sexist, bordering on obscene. I don’t think that the music alone can justify these lyrics. We could use the argument that society of the time was embedded within these albums but I’m not sure about that either. There have always been people working towards equality. Let me make this clear: equality means everyone being treated the same, it’s that simple.

Anyway, on to the album. This was released after Appetite For Destruction but has songs from before those days. It’s a pretty good rock EP and displays the destructive talent that was Guns and Roses. Patience is a pretty good ballad. Used To Love her is a great song. It reminds me of a time I saw Guns and Roses at Milton Keynes with a recent-ex-girlfriend. I may have sung along to Used To Love Her very loudly. The acoustic version of You’re Crazy is a delight.

The biggest problem is the song One In A Million. Whether we should judge the entire output of a band upon one song and the lyrics it contains or their behaviour off stage is something I haven’t got an answer for. I do know that I don’t listen to any LostProphets any more, it makes me feel ill. So, the dodgiest lyrics in One In A Million are:

Police and Niggers, that’s right
Get out of my way

Immigrants and faggots
They make no sense to me

Radicals and Racists
Don’t point your finger at me

I don’t know if these lyrics mean Guns and Roses are homophobic, racist or just trying to be controversial. Maybe it’s something we can’t know. They seem immature and a poor decision. The sort of thing a young person would write when trying to connect with the world.