I spent a week recently on CCF Annual Camp at RAF Linton-On-Ouse. It was a busy week, travelling early one Saturday and returning late the following Saturday.

Here’s a rundown of the activities:

  • Invasion planning activity
  • Flight simulator activity
  • Ten pin bowling
  • Visit to RAF Fylingdales
  • Visit to Whitby
  • Obstacle Course
  • High Ropes
  • Elvington Aircraft Museum
  • Linton-On-Ouse Memorial Room
  • Sport
  • Section visits to:
    • Air Traffic Control
    • Flight Safety Equipment
    • 72R Squadron
    • Flight Planning
    • Depth Engineering
  • Drill competition with the SWO
  • Dishforth Army Air Corps base
    • Armoury
    • Lynx Squadrons
    • Survival Equipment

Some things of note:

One evening we saw two V22 Ospreys fly over the base.

There were two fire alarms in the officers’ mess. One was about 0630 and we all left the building in whatever state of dress we were in. The next was later that day as we were all sitting down to dinner. No one moved for quite a while, we were all quite sure that it was not a “big thing”. Eventually someone told us to get out of the building and we wandered out the front door just as the firemen were walking in [they had driven from the other side of the airfield] I don’t think they were too happy with us!

Here are a selection of photos from that camp:

Here’s a couple of amusing things, just because there probably isn’t enough humour on this site [it’s mostly me moaning about things].

This was a question that came up on some crappy Tv show I saw when I had a spare ten minutes just before dinner one evening:


Here’s a picture that I tweeted not long after a visit to Dishforth. This is probably the best toilet I’ve ever seen. It’s not glamorous but it does have a magazine rack!

Dishforth have it sorted
Dishforth have it sorted

Also, here’s a running route I did. It was a standard PTI route I found when I was in the station gym.