The Price Of Love?

For Christmas I had promised WW a new overnight bag. A nice leather one. I did put a price limit on it though as I thought some bags got to silly prices. WW seemed happy enough with the price limit and we thought that she would be able to find something suitable.

There we were in House of Fraser in Bluewater and looking at the bags when we found one that was the perfect size, colour, material and type. In fact it was perfect. It was so perfect that when I looked at the price tag I thought about selling my car and trading it in for the bag, however in reality I laughed out loud and bitterly moaned that it probably only costs about GBP30 to make. I think the brand of the bag was Chloe, which means nothing to me. A price tag of GBP1195 was a touch steep though.

So WW is still looking for a bag!