4 Meals In A Day

I accidentally ate four meals on Monday 13 August. WW and I took the boys to Mote Park in Maidstone and let them play in the playground. After we fed the ducks at the lake we went and ordered some food. My order was as follows:

Two sausages and chips and a sausage roll and chips please.

My intention was to buy chips with two sausages for #1 and the the sausage roll and chips was for #2. What I received was two plates of sausages and chips and an adult plate of sausage roll and chips. All in all far too much food for my children to eat! Obviously I just helped out and ate the adult plate of food. As it happens WW and I had already planned what to eat later in the day and so I had:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • accidental tea
  • dinner

This is a little extreme and when I looked at my calorie count for that day it was 3041 kCal.  Even with a run I was over my daily target.