So Far, So Good . . . So What! – Megadeth

There are only eight songs on this album and two of those are arguably shit. But, this is still one of the greatest albums out there. It is stupendous. It goes to show what you can do with copious amounts of drugs and a creative bent.

Into The Lungs Of Hell – blasts you away with high speed melodic riffs, no voices, just upbeat metal forcing the blood from your ears.

Set The World Afire – A high speed riff leading into an amazing main riff with a “rolling” drum beat. Brilliant song.

Anarchy In The UK – shit. A shit version of a classic song. They even had Glen Matlock playing on the song, but it’s still rubbish. It doesn’t fit. I wasn’t aware that Megadave changed some of the lyrics until I came to sing this song on stage at a school event. Apparently the is a line about council tenancies, but this version has “cunt like tendencies”. Maybe the Pistols knew what they were doing with this just to get airtime.

Mary Jane – another shit song. At least the shit ones are next to each other so you can double skip. I don’t know why but I’ve never liked this one.

502 – Not sure there’s a better soundtrack for racing your car and driving like a twat. This is a great song.

In My Darkest Hour – I can’t count the number of times I listened to this laying on the floor in a darkened room. It’s a great song for any mood. If you are happy it will lift you. If you are sad it will fuck you over. This song was written after Mustaine heard about the death of Cliff and it shows. This is an absolute masterpiece of metal song writing and never fails to emote me. If you think you are bored of this song listen to the live version at the River Plate. You just laughed, ha ha, bitch.

Liar – if you want hateful and vindictive then this is great. Not only is it musically good but the lyrics in the middle [although slightly troublesome in this accepting age] are ingenious. I don’t have a problem if your brother is a gay singer in a stud leather band.

Start trouble, spread pain
Piss and venom in your veins
Talk nasty, breathe fire
Smell rotten, you’re a liar
Sweat liquor, breathe snot
Eat garbage, spit blood
Diseased, health hazard
Scum bag, filthy bastard
Greasy face, teeth decay
Hair matted, drunk all day
Absessed, sunken veins
Rot gut, scrambled brain
Steal money, crash cars
Rob jewelry, hock guitars
Rot in Hell, it’s time you know
To your master, off you go
You’re a liar, a fucking liar!

Dave Mustaine

Hook In Mouth – God this song is great. I’ve seen this live and I love it. Such an excellent chugging riff along with a decent drum pattern. It’s everything that is great about a metal or thrash song. You can bounce to this, or stand and sing, you can shout out, you can accept this song to blast your body in whatever way you want. It’s brilliant.

Rust In Peace – Megadeth

Well, what is there to say about an almost perfect album? This is an amazing collection of songs. Rust In Peace ends the current run of “R” albums and there have been some monsters here:

  • Rammstein
  • Randy Rhoads Tribute
  • Reign In Blood
  • Reise, Reise
  • Resident Evil
  • Ride The Lightning
  • Rio Grande Blood

And so now to the last “R”.

This album starts with the magnum opus that is:

  • Holy Wars . . . The Punishment Due – such an energetic song that will blow you away. It just keeps getting better and better. Mercy killings, mercy killings, killings, killings.
  • Hangar 18 – a very good song with a hilarious video. I mean, it isn’t true but the song is good. As far as I know they even wrote a follow up song but at least this isn’t that terrible song by ‘tallica. The change of pace / riff / syncopation half way through the song really gives me the shivers.
  • Take No Prisoners – power blasting through the bass bins. Amazing. High speed riffage. Lovely. Fast chord work. Cool. A fast bouncy verse that leads to speed changes. A pluckying bass line. This sound would pound you live.
  • Five Magics – more head hitting openings with a lovely melody on the bass. The introduction is two minutes long and then you get the main part of the song. The riff in the last minute of this song will have you running into the rest of the pit.
  • Poison Was The Cure – Another bass opening [good old Dave], then a high speed twisty verse with crazy riffs.
  • Lucretia – For some reason I don’t like the opening of this song. But I will say that once the main riff starts this is bloody amazing. There’s something special in the bouncy quality of this whole album. It would be brilliant to attend a concert where they played this whole album. The middle section of this song is so lyrical without any lyrics. Love it.
  • Tornado Of Souls – The way this song opens and just keeps the energy going means I get blown away every time I listen to it.
  • Dawn Patrol – There’s always one song that’s quite left-field on MegaDave albums and this is that one. But, it’s amazing. Creepy and dark. Foreboding. Brilliant.
  • Rust In Peace . . . . Polaris – Gosh how I wish that in the last thirty years since this album was released that our nukes had been destroyed and humankind had finally decided that having the power of fission/fusion bombs was beyond the responsibility of any single country or person. But that hasn’t happened. This song is the final flourish to an album that would still make a list of great ones. A lot of other albums I own are in the “I know it’s brilliant and was necessary to move music along but I no longer like it” category. This one is still in the real list.

Peace Sells . . . But Who’s Buying? – Megadeth

This is a monster of an album.

Vic Rattlehead

A long time ago there was a documentary on BBC2 called “Heavy Metal”. In it they tried to explain heavy metal music. They had a clip of the comical Napalm Death along with some clips of Motorhead and, I seem to remember, a clip of Megadeth playing “Peace Sells But Who’s Buying” open air in Northern Ireland [at a time when there definitely wasn’t peace]. For a long while that opening riff stuck in my head and one day I bit the bullet and bought the vinyl album.

My initial reaction was one of disappointment. I loved the pop-like qualities of the title song but the opening made me think “oh, this is another thrash band”. How wrong I was.

After a few listens the genius of this album started to creep out and grab hold of me. It’s a gorgeous complete piece of art [although “I ain’t superstitious” is a bit shit].

If you know me then you know that I consider “Wake Up Dead” to be the best song ever. It contains THREE of the best metal riffs ever and they occur in the last half of the song. Being in the pit with this playing and the whole crowd bouncing in time with the riffs is an amazing memory.

This album was written while Mustaine was heavily into drugs and you can tell. It’s probably why it’s so good. He got cleaned up at some time later and found religion. Mind you, religion is a part of the 12 step process, and just to point out that AA or even NA is only ONE way of getting clean and the evidence shows it’s not the best way of doing it. Because one of the Daves found religion he refuses to play THE CONJURING live any more. Which is a fucking shame because it’s a great song.

The above video shows Nick Menza [just one of Megadeth’s many drummers] playing his part of The Conjuring during the same tour when I first saw Megadeth. It was the Clash Of The Titans tour. Amazing.

The title song of this album is amazing.

Devil’s Island rocks with its fast riffs and high paced beats.

Good Mourning/Black Friday – more classic Megadeth with proper fast complex riffs. Clearly showing why they are better than Metallica.

Bad Omens – sends shivers down my spine. These songs are so well crafted.

[I Ain’t Superstitious – terrible song] every band gets one free pass on every album as far as I’m concerned. With this album it’s this song. It’s shit.

My Last Words – weren’t the last words of the Daves and the next album is an almost complete and perfect selection but the raw power and speed of this album is amazing. You can feel the anger, the rage, the fighting. It speaks volumes, if you want to listen.

Rust In Peace

I am in shock. Rust In Peace by Megadeth came out 25 years ago!

To me, this is still a new and fresh album. I think of Peace Sells as an “old” album and “Rust In Peace” as new! The good thing is that this album is brilliant. I don’t think there’s a bad song on here. The previous couple had a dodgy song or two [Mary Jane, Anarchy, I ain’t superstitious] but this album is truly a classic. Everyone should own it.

Switching The Blue Sky

A short while back I wrote about changing broadband supplier. This is an update to that communication.

It is a few months since the new broadband internet connection started. It appears that my network has settled down tremendously since those early days.

All streaming, file sharing and music systems within the house seem to be working well. Large upload files are no longer causing connection issues.

Bandwidths seem to be approaching 650KB/s which translates to 5.2 Mb/s. This is not bad given my quite rural location and the aging connections within the village and house.

The Wi-Fi provided by the Sky router is pretty good. The signal dips a bit at the extremes of my house (top front room) but otherwise it is fine. The router connects everything that I need to be connected and my initial worries about a lack of “user” options have dissipated. This router and also the free EE one I had before both do a better job of routing that the £100 Netgear router I bought and have since sold on eBay.

Essentially, so far so good.











So what.

Countdown to Extinction – Megadeth

I’ve been listening to this album while I’ve been trying to get the Windows Store to work on my tablet PC [doesn’t work within a domain].

There isn’t a bad song on this album. The problem is that none of the songs are stunning either. If you want some slow, melody driven rock then this is the album for you. I don’t think I’d even describe it as thrash.

The best bit about this album is that the opening few seconds of  “Symphony of Destruction” sound like the PS3 starting up. If only Sony had used a bit more of the song and then the PS3 would be truly awesome.

There must be something about music and drugs. This album was written while the members were clean.

One Night

Over the last week I have “borrowed” the soundtrack to the Megadeth live DVD recorded in Buenos Aires – That One Night. Once the soundtrack was ripped I had to separate out the tracks so I could import the files into iTunes. This was rather fun and I enjoyed using Audacity.

This process is now complete and I have a lovely album on my iPhone of Megadeth live. I have to say that the energy and quality of the music is brilliant. It really makes me want to listen to the original songs again.

There were some issues. The orignal rip was rather quiet and I had to try and increase that within iTunes. Also I cut the tracks without always listening to them and I had two which had some acoustic impovisation in front (which would make sense watching the DVD but not when listening to the soundtrack) so I have gone back to my original recording and re-cut those tracks. Going to import them back into iTunes and onto my phone tonight. Love it all. :-)