Best of Michael Schenker – Michael Schenker

I bought this on CD as I had a gatefold album on vinyl also called the best of Michael Schenker. Michael is the brother of Rudi who is one of the guitarists in the Scorpions and Michael played with them for a while but he’s also played with UFO and MSG. I really like the sound of 70s rock and this has lots of that. The riffs are really good and the songs are well written.

My highlights are:

  • Armed and Ready
  • Are You Ready to Rock
  • Attack of the Mad Axeman

It’s all real proper disco rock and very much a summer album. There’s something about the guitar sound which is lovely. It has that under-produced sound, probably due to the equipment of those days. Much like black and white movies tell us that the world only got colour after the second world war, we only got good sound for music during the 1980s. Mind you, most of the music produced in the 80s was rubbish!

Also, Michael is a blue-eyed German blond. He’s a good poster boy for rock music.