The Last Sucker – Ministry

I really like the music of Ministry since I first heard “Jesus Built My Hotrod”. There’s a great element of chaos in the songs which I enjoy. They are pretty damn good live too. This album is the third in the series of Uncle Al Hates GW Bush. Quite a few musicians are on the left of politics and Al is there too. Maybe it comes from accepting the strange and odd, accepting those who are different, being more tolerant and having an education? I don’t know. I suspect there are definitely right wing musicians out there, much as there are right wing people in society at large. I think my view is mostly that those on the right are distrusting of difference and broadly selfish – they expect that people should be able to sort themselves out. My view is that I’m trusting and accepting of differences along with understanding that people need help and I’m happy to do my bit.

Can you imagine what Uncle Al has thought about the Trump years? I mean, it is arguable that GW was the worst president ever and entirely useless and thick. Then, Trump came along and makes GW look like a fucking saint. Can you imagine how shit you have to be to make GW look good? Bush Jr was fucking terrible. An absolute shit president. New levels of shitness have to be used when describing Trump. If you want to elevate Trump to some level exceeding “really shit” then I think the education system has failed. It’s like thinking that Johnson in the UK is a trustworthy sensible bloke. We are in the same situation this side of the pond.

I’m not sure of any song particularly sticking out on this album but I do like the sound of Watch Yourself. I’ve been listening to Ministry while playing Minecraft as the both go together. I do wish that Uncle Al would keep going but everyone dies at some point.

See if you can spot me in the crowd.

Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs – Ministry

This album is really called ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ but Psalm 69 is much easier.

Holy Maloly. This album is a biggie. When you discover a new sound you want to keep buying and listening to it, get the most out of it. This was probably my first encounter with industrial metal.


Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true, Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil, Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet. All of a sudden, I found myself in love with the world, so there was only one thing that I could do: Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long.

If Hotrod doesn’t get you rocking then there’s something wrong with you. You listen to that first because of the speed and the power and then you settle into the other songs and they hit you, slowly at first. It’s like a punch that starts a mile away and comes at you slowly over hours.

N.W.O. – Bloody amazing. The extended edition is better with about a minute of feedback before the main riff blasts in.
Just One Fix – I’ve got the extended edition of this and I just love the structure of the song. This is a nightmare song about drugs [probably].
TV II – Shouty and powerful.
Hero – Manic riffs and beats to bang your head.
Jesus Built My Hotrod – genius.
Scare Crow – a slow beat song to wake up the neighbours and bounce to.
Psalm 69 – Praise Jesus. An Epic.
Corrosion – Crazy sounds and drums, unique.
Grace – It’s noise, man.

This whole album is what happens when you have musical geniuses out of their heads on drugs and arguing. It’s great. Bloody marvellous.

Houses Of The Mole – Ministry

In the mid(ish) 90s I was travelling around London and occasionally looking in record shops, as we still called them. I was minded to find some Ministry when Smiff told me about a son called Jesus Build My Hotrod. It was a great song, fast and heavy but not metal. I found it interesting. I’d not yet really got into industrial music, that was to come about ten years later.

Houses Of The Mole is not that stuff. It’s a later album I bought, just because it’s Ministry. It’s a political album about the horrifying aspects of George W Bush’s presidency. It’s worth listening to but it’s not a classic.