Motorbikes I Have Owned

Honda CB100, 100cc, single cylinder, 11 bhp, gold coloured, named JEN
I used this bike from about Jan 1995 to May 1995. I learnt to ride on it, passed my test on it and then bought a bigger bike and left it to rot. I still feel bad about that. I did about 1000 miles over 6 months.

Honda NTV, 650cc, V-twin, 53bhp , atlantic blue colour (which was really a grotty green), named LIBBY
This is the bike I dumped JEN for. I bought it from somewhere in Acton and loved it. It wasn’t really fast but it was reliable. I went to the South of France on it and toured around a bit of Europe. I really liked her but had to move on. For information about some crashes look at the bottom of this page. I did about 70000 miles over six years.

Honda CBR1100XX Super BlackBird, 1137cc, in-line 4, 164 bhp, red, named STEPH
I had lusted over the Blackbird since Honda released it in 1997 and I got one in 2004. I went everywhere, Cornwall, Wales, Belgium, France even to Nottingham (twice!). It cost a fortune to run but was worth every penny. I have since traded it in, August 2008, for some laminate flooring. Now all I have left is a brake disc and a broken fairing in the loft. Lots of good memories though. I think I did about 60000 miles on her. More information here.

My bikes have all been named after Nieghbours characters! You’ve got to have some reason for naming them!