Appetite For Destruction – Guns ‘n’ Roses

It is very hard to give this album enough credit and praise for just being brilliant.

I bought this when I was about 16 from the Our Price record shop in Jackson Square in Bishop’s Stortford. How do I remember? Well I was just very excited at owning this rather controversial piece of vinyl. I remember opening the album in the car on the way home with my dad driving and my sister in the back seat. I proceeded to inform my father of some of the lyrics that were printed on the record dust cover. Also I have the original album cover, which the record label changed after a while over complaints about the subject matter. Funny, but I never really saw what the picture depicted, I just thought it was a good cover. So, the songs:

  • Welcome to the Jungle – brilliant
  • It’s So Easy – until you’ve heard 100,000 people shout out its most famous line you’ll never truly appreciate this song! Brilliant.
  • Nightrain – I don’t like it. It really bothers me and I think it’s a lazy song. I don’t like guitar parts that follow the vocals. Just me, I know.
  • Out Ta Get Me – Brilliant.
  • Mr Brownstone – Brilliant.
  • My Michelle – Brilliant.
  • Think About You – Brilliant.
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine – Absolutely Awesome.
  • You’re Crazy – so very crazy, great lyrics, find the acoustic version on Lies.
  • Anything Goes – of course it does.
  • Rocket Queen – Marvellous

Such a seminal album and one they could never really live up to afterwards. I reckon the teenage angst and drugs made this perfect. Very much a “summer” album, more on that later.