We Are Pathetic

The picture below is a screen clip from the BBC website this morning. Now, I should point out that I don’t like the reporting regime of news in this country and, unfortunately for me, I would consider the BBC the best of a bad bunch. The news, it seems from what I see and read, should be entertainment and not the representation of facts.

Corporations that peddle the news are convinced that “the public” can’t cope with being informed about the facts in a sensible way. They create stories with human interest and neglect to INFORM the public so that we make up our own minds. The media seem to have a need for balance [even when it’s demonstrably false] and they seem unwilling to question to get to the facts. It is time for a news organisation to give the public the chance to have serious news reporting.

  • Let’s question politicians and make them answer what we want to know.
  • Let’s require TWO separate sources for confirmation of a story.
  • Let’s focus on what the public should know to make informed decision.
  • If there’s nothing new, then say so.

The BBC needs to grow up. This headline seems to be saying “our boy didn’t get selected for a prize and we think he should”. In reality, this screams at me: “We Are Pathetic”.

This headline or story should read:

These radio presenters have been short-listed for their shows. Congratulations. Unfortunately our best presenter wasn’t selected but we wish everyone the best of luck in the awards.

There, that wasn’t hard was it?


Rant over for a while. I will try and construct a more effective argument towards what I think the news should be and how I think the public need to grow up.