In Maidstone, or rather the Penenden Heath area of Maidstone, there stands a small row of shops. An off licence, a newsagents/corner shop/pharmacy and a chip shop. The chip shop is convenient for me, it’s on the way home from Maidstone and serves pretty good food. This shop is named Cornfords.

I like this shop for three reasons:

  • The food
  • The till
  • The art

This is a great little chip shop. The food is good and hearty (which I think now means fatty and bad for you).

The cash register is a lovely old-fashioned mechanical till. The next time I am there I will try and take a good quality photograph of it, but there is a similar one below:

Finally, and the reason for writing this communication, I love the art in the shop.

Cornfords Chip Shop

This is a piece of mirrored glass work about two metres wide. Maybe next time I’ll try and capture the piece better but I’m slightly conscious that the shop people might think I’m crazy. I have wanted to take a photo of this art for quite a few years and last night I finally did as the shop was pretty much empty when I went there. This picture doesn’t really capture how bright and colourful the picture is. If anyone sees anything else like it then perhaps you can let me know.