For the last few years I’ve really enjoyed the music of Faderhead. I was him/them play once at M’era Luna and it was an excellent show, a lot better than I was expecting, and I can’t wait to see them again some time. Because I enjoy the music and hope that Faderhead gets more success I’ve been contributing via Patreon to help out. I’ve also donated to Aesthetic Perfection over the years. I guess I’m in the fortunate position that I can offer a little bit and hope to enjoy the pay-off.

I donated some cash to help out with the costs of producing Faderhead’s latest album and my Patreon reward arrived yesterday:

Faderhead Asteria
Faderhead Asteria

This is a lovely touch and I’m happy to own a CD. This is probably my first CD in about four years as I download most of my music. Physical objects are good. Anyway, thanks to Faderhead.

Official Declaration

As an encouragement to one of my classes today I decided I would declare them as a genius on this website if they produced a scattergraph that looks better than mine. The criteria I used were:

  • Axis scales consistent
  • Axes correctly labelled and correct variable
  • Small crosses for each datum
  • Good, well-positioned line of best fit
  • Good interpolation value from graph

The following pupils succeeded and are therefore declared geniuses:

George W




Note: genius should only be taken to mean able to draw a graph.