Apocalypse Now Soundtrack – Various

I have been a little obsessed with Apocalypse Now! since I first watched it in my second year at university. I bought the soundtrack after Ades told me he had seen it in HMV in Oxford Street. This time being the early 90s there was no email really, no mobile phones that were cheap or small and no tweets! To find an album you had to search through record shops!
Ades informed me he had seen this and I rushed off to the tube station and got to HMV. I bought it. Happy person!
What I would really like is a full length version of The End by The Doors with all the naughty words in but I can’t find it so I’ll just have to cope with the version on this album.
To appreciate the album you need to be a fan! Considering I only watch the film when I’m feeling a little messed up it shouldn’t surprise you that the soundtrack isn’t played that often but it is an important part of my collection!