I spent two hours at a Gladiator school in Rome on Saturday and I think we were fortunate that we weren’t allowed to fight each other with the metal swords!
The only injury I got was from the back of the shield rubbing my hand. Poor me! Altogether now: ahhhh.



Talk about worldwide conspiracy theories! This one’s real!

A group of us arrived in Rome and needed somewhere to dance a bit, because one of our party hadn’t been out for four years. We were completely unaware of what sort of establishments were available (it was midnight). Fortunately Mr G knew someone who knew someone etc.

With a phone call to someone in Bologna, that person then recommended Muccassassina and phoned the club to get us onto the guest list. We took a taxi to Rome’s (more likely Europe’s) premier LGBT spot. When we arrived it took three further circular phone calls to Bologna and discussions with the management to get us into the club for free, but we did it, thanks to the IGN. Really impressed.

I was even more impressed with the helicopter sitting in the beer garden. Most excellent.



Just had a great time on tour with the boys in Rome. On the flight home I had Ronan Keating sitting behind me and Ian Somerhalder sitting next to me. I blanked them and tried to sleep.
Now following rule #1.