In Summary

I will try to spend little time today thinking about what happens tonight. It has made me sad for over three years now and I am doing my best to let go. Much like I managed with Star Wars after the prequels came out I need to learn to stop loving a particular thing and being annoyed when it gets messed up. All three prequels disappointed me so much that I learnt over time to not worry about what they did to Star Wars. I learnt to let go of my feelings. I’ve only really enjoyed one of the recent films.

Today the UK leaves the EU. It is not something I want to happen and like many others it’s not really something I really thought about a lot before the referendum. I was vaguely aware of what the EU did and our membership of it. I voted remain more out of a sense of feeling that we are better in the club than out. I didn’t really have any solids reasons just a feeling of wanting to belong. Other people had different feelings and they were in the small majority at that particular time of those who voted.

Since the result I have felt an amazing loss and sense of despair at the realisation of what people in the UK think. The most recent election result shows that overall this country is full of selfish low level racists. I don’t know how else to describe the overwhelming majority that the torys got. There are, of course, issues with our representative parliament not working in a particularly representative way but that is the system we have.

The more I have learnt about the EU and the [current as I write this] position of the UK within that the more I have felt that a little education about the system would have saved this mess. People believed what they read and heard and didn’t understand how the system worked. The most basic thing for me is the understanding that ALL EU laws have to be approved by the UK PM and if we were to disagree with ANY of the laws then the UK could VETO them. It’s really that simple. It’s the bonus of being a big member of the club. If the population are angry at EU rules and laws then the anger should be placed towards the leaders of the UK and not the EU.

So, here we go. Off into the miserable world of making it on our own. Trying to get free trade and movement which we already have. One of the greatest symbols for me about the UK leaving is that it happens this evening at 23:00. Why does it happen at that time? Because that’s when it’s midnight in Brussels. The government can’t even get us to leave at a time sensible for the UK.

Over the next year, as the transition period comes to and end there will be a slow drip of news about how we lose all those benefits of being in the EU. It will happen quietly and over a year and so there won’t be an uprising but this country will be poorer in all ways as a result.

Turning Point

I want to immediately point out that this communication has nothing to do with those right wing cunts – Turning Point USA etc.

Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates.

It’s a shame that many people don’t seem to accept the horror we face. Over the last forty years there has been regular news about how we are fucking the planet. Every news article I have read which tries to explain the science and evidence behind what we have done to Earth implies that we don’t understand the positive feedback mechanisms but we know they are happening. The climate has entered a phase of accelerated warming and the time to stop our emissions was twenty years ago.

Even if we stop now there’s been enough damage caused that will mean the changes will go on for years. Basically it’s fucked. It was fucked ten years ago and possibly even twenty years ago. This globe is dying through the lack of action of those in power who could change things.

We Are Pathetic

The picture below is a screen clip from the BBC website this morning. Now, I should point out that I don’t like the reporting regime of news in this country and, unfortunately for me, I would consider the BBC the best of a bad bunch. The news, it seems from what I see and read, should be entertainment and not the representation of facts.

Corporations that peddle the news are convinced that “the public” can’t cope with being informed about the facts in a sensible way. They create stories with human interest and neglect to INFORM the public so that we make up our own minds. The media seem to have a need for balance [even when it’s demonstrably false] and they seem unwilling to question to get to the facts. It is time for a news organisation to give the public the chance to have serious news reporting.

  • Let’s question politicians and make them answer what we want to know.
  • Let’s require TWO separate sources for confirmation of a story.
  • Let’s focus on what the public should know to make informed decision.
  • If there’s nothing new, then say so.

The BBC needs to grow up. This headline seems to be saying “our boy didn’t get selected for a prize and we think he should”. In reality, this screams at me: “We Are Pathetic”.

This headline or story should read:

These radio presenters have been short-listed for their shows. Congratulations. Unfortunately our best presenter wasn’t selected but we wish everyone the best of luck in the awards.

There, that wasn’t hard was it?


Rant over for a while. I will try and construct a more effective argument towards what I think the news should be and how I think the public need to grow up.