Core – Stone Temple Pilots

I am smellin’ like the rose that somebody gave me on my birthday deathbed.
I am smellin’ like the rose that somebody gave me ’cause I’m dead & bloated.

These lyrics pretty much sum this album. I downloaded it recently because I have had these words circling in my head for the last twenty years. After that time the song seems a bit of a let-down but worth playing now and then anyway. I think I have looked up this band on Wikipedia and they sold loads, but maybe I got that mixed up with someone else.

Black Gives Way to Blue – Alice In Chains

This album was part of the “catch up with what bands I used to like have been doing” phase from about a year ago. I had thought that Alice were dead, much like their singer but then this was released in 2009 with a new singer.

I’m amazed at how good his voice sounds and how much like the original he is. It is very much an “Alice” album. Slow, heavy, melodic and haunting. It’ll freak you out. Well done Mr Alice.

Apple – Mother Love Bone

I bought this album mostly for a digital version of the song “Crown of Thorns”. I’m pretty sure this song was on a tape that a friend, Mark H, made when I was at school. I might be mistaken though as the song appears on the “Singles” original soundtrack and this came out in about 1992 or so.

So, the album version of “Thorns” doesn’t have the “Chloe Dancer” part at the beginning which I really like. So I got the album for pretty much nothing. The singer is dead, AFAIK. I could look it up but that isn’t a concern with me here. I’m pretty sure the band were also part of the Seattle sound which influenced music for about 10 years [more later].

Are there any more songs of note? I’m not sure. I haven’t listened to this enough to know. I’ve grown out of the Seattle sound now and I don’t know if it’ll come back. This is another summer album and sound.