Shaming Farts

On a recent trip to Surrey I stopped off at Chobham services on the M25. You wouldn’t think I’d find much to comment on while having a quick wee break on a journey but “Oh My!”.

Every advert in the male toilets was for Shreddies and not the breakfast cereal.

Women Can't Fart
Women Can’t Fart

Now, I will look at their website shortly and comment after but my initial reaction was:


My immediate next thought was:

We’ve had plenty of period shaming on women and now we shame them into smelling nice and pretty all the time and won’t allow them to perform normal bodily functions.

Well. I hope that the adverts in the ladies’ toilets were all for fart-pants for men, but i am unaware of those facts.

This advert is appalling. Women must remain clean and sweet and smell of roses for men. Women aren’t allowed to fart. Women should be beautiful for men. Farting is bad.

FUCK this company. I found this advert and all the other similar ones in the toilets sexist and shaming of humans for doing NORMAL human things.

Now, I’m off to look at the website and I’ll comment below.

So, they do men’s stuff too. Most of the web page is products aimed at men. It’s still disgusting.

“Fabulous idea, a great quality product with great styling, this could save many a marriage! A much needed product, fantastic innovation.”

Fuck this company.

Women and their stuff

A few years ago I was getting fed up having to dust around all the toiletries on the top of the chest of drawers (dresser if I had one). So I suggested to my wife that we get some convenient boxes for the stuff and then I can dust the boxes easily. Agreement was forthcoming.

Since that time I have one box and Bev has two. In the picture you can see a can of deodorant on top of my box on the right and a room temperature sensor as my 10 week old son still sleeps in the bedroom with us. On top of my wife’s two boxes is stuff. I have no idea what is in the boxes, I don’t ask. I also know that there is a drawer of more stuff under the bed. My wife has informed me that she cleared out the drawer a year ago and now what you see is all there is. Women and their stuff!