Birthday Present

What happens when you ask a four year old to pick a present for his seventy one year old granddad? This:

Grandpa's Present

Fair enough I guess. #1 wasn’t interested in getting Granddad a book and thought he would like these diggers. Granddad took these home so that my sons can play with them when we visit.

Because We Are Stupid

So, in a DIY shop today getting some seeds to sow and I saw this attached to the petrol lawnmowers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that some people are lacking a bit in the grey matter but SERIOUSLY? People are so moronic that we have to tell them to put FUEL in a petrol motor before using it?!
Someone stop the planet. It’s time for me to get off.

Tesco are rubbish

I had to take a toy back to Tesco as I had found it 20% cheaper at Argos and Tesco say you can just change your mind and return an item. So I checked the T&Cs at the back of the catalogue and took the required items back to Tesco Grove Green.

  • The product with original packaging
  • The order confirmation email

from the catalogue

My wife had ordered the toy and paid using her card but she was out that day but the catalogue and email said the card wasn’t necessary.

I go to Tesco and hand back the toy and show the email.

Do you have the card used to pay for the toy?

No, was my reply. The instructions in the catalogue say you don’t have to bring it back with you.

It will say somewhere in the email that you need to bring the card. You always need the payment card when you return items.

After looking through the email, I suggest that the person serving me have a look as it says exactly the same as the catalogue: just bring the product and the email confirmation. Could I possibly have the returned money as a giftcard?

yes, but only this once and as a goodwill gesture.

My problem with this is that if the return instructions had said I needed the payment card then I would have taken it. Why was I made to feel like an idiot when I was following instructions from Tesco.
The person serving me refused after that point to look at me. I was trying to point out that perhaps she could talk to someone senior about the fact that the emails and catalogue are wrong. I tried to say this in as helpful manner as possible but obviously failed.

Tesco: you have messed up.