Slipknot – Slipknot

Back in the day I remember watching Chris Evans’ television show TFI Friday and I’m pretty sure I quite liked the show. It was a good mix of fun and frolics. One Friday though things were going to change. They showed a band called Slipknot. I think they played Wait And Bleed. I don’t know. All I know is that it was fascinating and amazing and such a different sound to anything else I had seen. Oh, they also wore boiler suits and masks but that didn’t bother me. There were probably complaints about the music but who cares. I bought the album and it was this one.

I listened to this album yesterday while I was experimenting with a computer monitor set up and it turns out that the last few songs aren’t that great. I’ve checked the track listing and there are some demo versions on my version of the album and so I won’t count those because Get This was there as a very pleasant surprise.

All you need from this album are the first five or six songs which is good because I didn’t really recognise any after Tattered & Torn. In my opinion everyone should have this album. I don’t think many will like it but it’s an important piece of art. It won’t make you feel good and it will assault your ears but you’ll be a better person once you’ve experienced it.

742617000027 – A nice start to this album because it sets the mood.
(sic) – A pretty sweet song. This batters you brutally around the head. Wait, what’s that? Scratching in a metal album, what is going on? “Fuck You All”.
Eyeless – Something about eyes I guess. I’m not a lyrics person but rather the beat, pace and riffage get me. This has a few greater moments. When you get to shout out “Nothing” and then “Motherfucker”.
Wait and Bleed – look, some people love it. It’s a good song but it’s not up there. I’m not sure why it lacks for me but it does. I’m happy when they play it but there are others that are better.
Surfacing – I love this song. It’s fantastic. I think I want it played at my funeral.
Spit It Out – another great song. What is that sound at the beginning? This one makes two of my favourite songs called “Spit It Out”.

Fuck it all! fuck this world!
Fuck everything that you stand for!
Don’t belong! don’t exist!
Don’t give a shit!
Don’t ever judge me!

Michael Crahan / Christopher Fehn / Paul Gray / Craig Jones / Nathan Jordison / Corey Taylor / Mickael Thomson / Sidney Wilson

Slipknot – The O2


Given how close The O2 is to where I live this was the first time I had been there to see a concert. I went there a long time ago to see some tennis but this was the first music event. The “Millennium Dome” as it was known a long time ago was considered a GBP1 Billion white elephant in the early days of the Blair government. The display area was shit. I know, I went there. I never saw the “show” in the arena it was meant to be a bit like a circus – I guess there’s video of it but I care not. I’d also been a couple of other times most notably to see a Star Wars exhibition.

Anyway. Dave from work drove and we met up with Smith and Son. We ate. I drank. We entered the arena just after Behemoth had started.


I didn’t find them particularly good. They were quite boring. There wasn’t much dynamic shift to their songs and it was rather – meh. But still it was an opportunity to study the stage construction and layout of the arena. I noticed plenty of structural high beams, they were interesting, and the cable work holding up the PA system was impressive. Yep, that’s the sort of stuff I find interesting. I think it comes from having and engineering degree and thinking about how stuff works a lot.

The headliners were Slipknot. I was quite excited as I’d been listening to their stuff all week and I have to admit it’s pretty good stuff. It had also been quite a while since we had seen a metal headline act in an arena. Smith and I normally see either small bands in small venues or the classic M’era Luna festival in Germany.

The Stage and Slipknot
The Stage and Slipknot

Slipknot were pretty darn good. They kept the crowd going and all their songs were great. I really enjoyed it. At some points the mosh pit extended two thirds of the way back on the standing area and I don’t think I’ve ever really seen that before.

It was curious to see adverts for Slipknot stuff on the large screens before the band. They were advertising Knotfest which is an open air concert to take place at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes. Then, there was Slipknot whiskey made in Iowa. I mean, sure, you can buy it if you want but are you into a band that much that you want all your kit branded that way? In my experience it’s best to like the music, enjoy the shows and then not worry too much about the other stuff. Buying into a band completely always leaves you exposed to being failed when they turn out to be cunts. Not saying Slipknot are, just saying some bands are.

The Crowd and Slipknot
The Crowd and Slipknot

There was also an advert for some cruise thing from Barcelona to Naples with Slipknot appearing on board playing two shows. You can pay to be stuck on a cruise [honestly sounds quite nice] and then in the evening there will be some gigs. That’s not so bad I reckon. The Norwegian Jade will be a floating music festival and decked out like a museum to this Iowan band.

Slipknot Cruise Price List
Slipknot Cruise Price List

I don’t have this sort of money. The largest venue holds 2500 which is a reasonable size. It would be a pretty special time, but it is an outdoor venue and if the weather is shit you are screwed. Maybe the other bands would make it worthwhile? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll do this kind of thing once I’m retired.

Slipknot were pretty good on stage. There was the expected crowd interaction and I enjoyed it all. I don’t think I’m that fussed about seeing them again though. I think I am slowly seeking new things, new sounds or shows. My limit seems to be two times for seeing bands at the moment. I say this when I’m soon to see Aesthetic Perfection for the seventh time!

Good show. Good time. Enjoyed it. What more do you want?

Iowa – Slipknot

In terms of Slipknot canon I don’t know where this fits. I think it might be their second album. Just not sure. I’ve bought a few Slipknot albums but never really played any other than the first one. Having now listened to it I can say that some of the songs I recognise from the live album Antennas To Hell. They also play some of these songs live.

Highlights are:

  • People=Shit
  • Disasterpiece
  • My Plague
  • Everything Ends
  • The Heretic Anthem
  • Left Behind

I do like the Heretic Anthem and the chorus is something I have sung with my childerbeasts.