Lego 55 Model 60163

Last one this week in the mini-Lego season. A surfing scenario! Just in time for the release of Baywatch, which I shall not be reviewing.


Lego 52 Model 76062

In the continuing mini-series of Lego season here we have a couple of superheroes:


This is Robin and Kane (?).

I’ve been corrected. It is Bane. I would embed the tweet but it’s protected so can’t.

Not Green Fingers

Just spent a wonderfully pleasant hour with #1 son sowing seeds in the garden. We tidied the vegetable patch and got rid of the weeds and then planted this year’s selection of veg. It’s going to be carrots, parsnips and chillies. I don’t think the chillies are going to survive the cold so I’ll get some more and grow them inside.


We also read the instructions for the tomatoes and are actually going to grow them inside. They are on the kitchen window sill.


Magic Page

My #2 son likes reading books. Although that’s a touch inaccurate. Really he likes sitting on someone’s lap and getting them to read a book to him. He’s only 18 months so I think that’s forgivable.
I am pretty sure that he knows something that we don’t though. Whenever I get to the last page of a book he keeps trying to find another page. He scrabbles at the cover and tries to prise another page open. Now normally these are board books and so he can be forgiven for thinking there is another page, but I just ownder if one day a new page will open and create more of a story for him. I’d consider that magic.