I recently returned from spending a week at RAF St Mawgan [EGHQ] in the wonderful countryside of Cornwall. We were booked onto camp with three other schools, one of which was from Northern Ireland. It was a very good week and extremely enjoyable. I do, however, think that I wasn’t quite my normal self as I was still tired from the last year. I didn’t really stop at Easter because of the Cyprus camp and so hadn’t really had any time to rest.

RAF St Mawgan – Vigila

During the week the following experiences were offered:

  • Ironing of clothes because they don’t travel well
  • Zip Wire at Eden
  • AEF with No 3. AEF from Colerne
  • Drill
  • Eden Project proper this time
  • Waterpark (not really, a bad description really, but most pale when you’ve been to the one in Ayia Napa)
  • CPR training
  • Camp photo
  • Survival Equipment Section Visit
  • Coasteering
  • Command Tasks
  • Laser Tag and field craft lessons
  • 25m range with the L98A2
  • Much cleaning of the block

Of all this the coasteering was my favourite and I shall add photos when I get hold of them. I was in the water and so didn’t have any electronic recording equipment on me. Jumping from rocks into the sea was great. Traversing the cliff face and then swimming through a water ridden cave was absolutely brilliant, the highlight of my week.

There was also an unfortunate incident where a teddy bear was kidnapped by the TLA and taken hostage. This was hilarious, but you probably had to be there.

I also met my first ever known libertarian, who was also quite religious. I suspect that most libertarians are religious because everything gets sorted out in the end. He and I had some lovely conversations and managed to stay within a framework of respect.

It’s funny how I never meet anyone with the same taste in music as I have. This camp proved interesting because someone else there had heard of the bands Front242, the Revolting Cocks and also VNV Nation and Combichrist.

So, here are some photos and I may add some more when I get hold of them.