Typing Stuff Wring

I have a tendency to type the wrong thing when I am using any form of keyboard (PC, tablet, laptop or touch phone).
Part of this is my spelling ability which, at times, should be improved and I work hard on it.
The other part of this is the arrangement of the keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard in use in English speaking countries has its letters arranged in such a way that the most common letters are in the quickest positions to type. This way the speed of typing is increased.
This arrangement means that the vowels, which are pretty common, are placed close enough to each other so if one is pressed instead of the other the resulting word is generally spelt correctly but no longer the word you wanted to type.
I don’t think there’s any particular thing that can be done about this, apart from me increasing my accuracy or decreasing the size of my fingers. Neither of these is going to happen. I guess people will have to cope with and carefully read what I really meant, rather than did write.

Problem words:

shot and shit
shut and shit
bigger and bugger
black and block

You get the idea. It’s like an “‘Allo ‘Allo” sketch all over again.

Made Me Laugh

I was having a text conversation with my sister about my lack of mixer drinks for use with Jack Daniels. I tried to say that I’d go and buy some coke but I have fingers that are a bit bigger than my keyboard on the phone. Whoops!


I seriously laughed out loud in my house while alone for a good five minutes. It’s still a giggle when I think about it.

What To Do In Paris?

Am in Paris! With time to kill. What to see?

Your heavy metal guide might help? I want to see Sacre Cour, Arc Defense, anything really. If Trust are playing I will die!

They’re not: I checked. And no good rock pubs either: I checked. Too chic for metal!

Ok so your choice is hotel porn or coffee and cigarettes on the Champs Alysee! Or both!

Hmm, like your thinking. But have checked out, and don’t smoke or drink coffee. Moulin Rouge?

Think Moulin Rouge is the only option. Mind you there must be some shit-hole nasty bar that plays rock. The French are a bit rebellious as well as chic.

Gave up, am now at the station an hour early!

Boo! Train station books and magazines it is then.