I’m trying to monitor my car’s efficiency. It’s not the easiest to compare to the Beast because I didn’t really keep records of fuel consumption for that car. From memory I could get about 50mpg on a motorway and about 35mpg through the week when I’d be driving in and around town a lot.

This display shows that over 72 miles of driving which included motorway, dual carriage way, town and country I got around 56mpg.

I will do a big run one day and see what I get.

The main thing about this car is that it makes you very aware of how efficiently you are driving and so your driving behaviour changes.

My Favourite Car

The best and most fun car I think I ever drove is the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 (Australia edition). I spent a glorious weekend driving around Fraser Island off the east coast of Australia with Pom, Mel and ww.

Gorgeous Truck, Fraser Island
Gorgeous Truck, Fraser Island

This truck definitely wasn’t the newest on the island. There was gaffer tape holding up the passenger windows and broken bits all over it. There were loads of newer Toyotas and other 4x4s racing the fishermen to the best sports areas but I’m glad we had this one. It made us feel like we were really getting into the wilderness. Also, it made us rather relaxed about getting it dirty.
Pom and I took it in turns to drive over the world’s largest sand island. It’s a place where there is an 80kph speed limit on the main highway (or beach as we would call it) and you just have to go slower inland. Where in the world do you have to check the tides before you can drive the highway?
We had a couple of close shaves! We entered some soft sand within the first hour of being on the island and the truck slowed but didn’t quite stop and we continued on. From then it was rather uneventful apart from placing the bottles of wine in towels so they didn’t break as we went over the bumps and they jumped about in the boot. This truck was a hoot to drive.
On the way back to the mainland we had a bit of an issue with a large wave that spread water up the beach and over the highway. I swear we were close to turning over! The truck lurched sideways and bounced around a lot. It was very exciting. On the ferry back to the mainland lots of people were laughing at just how dirty our truck was. It proved we had a great time.
Once back on the main land I drove along the beach (why use tarmac?) and we tried to find somewhere to rejoin the main road. Someway along the beach we came to a blockage. A tree had fallen over and there were two choices. Drive into the sea and hope or turn around and go back the way we came. I just drove straight on into the sea. We probably went about a foot deep and then with luck on our side we managed to get out the other side and keep driving. It was hilarious at the time although later that night we would whistle about it!
Here’s a glorious shot of the Toyota:

Gorgeous truck in a gorgeous location (Fraser Island)
Gorgeous truck in a gorgeous location (Fraser Island)

I want one.