It Took A Few Days

Well, I found out a few days ago that it looked like this site had some malicious code injected. I don’t know how it happened and it’s the second time this site has been successfully attacked. I’m not sure if I wrote about the previous time, I guess it’s not something you advertise to the world. I know it happened when I asked a class to look at my site and some of them told me that Google was returning a “this site might be hacked” warning. What was quite interesting was that the bad code that had been injected knew when I was looking at the site and would return the standard website.

This time noticed because a load of php files had appeared where I didn’t think they should be. Friends confirmed it was messed up and sometimes redirecting to a dodgy website. After an initial panic and swearing outburst I set about fixing this problem. I was a little annoyed as recently I have moved to an external server and also set up a security certificate proving that I own the domain and website and securing communications between you and the website.

Basically I took a copy of what backup files I could. Copied the uploads folder. And then completely reset the entire website to zero. I then set about the process of rebuilding what this place looked like in its glory. This requires quite a bit of time consuming work including resetting security certificates and propagating DNS information around the world. The frustrating thing for me is the lack of upload bandwidth that I have at home. It takes some time to upload about 6GB of data to the server.

So, I think it is working again. I will check using a few techniques I have learnt over the years but I could also do with you people letting me know. Of course, if it’s still broken you can’t see this but perhaps you could let me know if you can see this.

Have fun, stay safe and be good.

A Migration

A couple of years ago I transferred this website to run from my own NAS Drive in the house. I did this for no other reason than because I could along with getting decent bandwidth. After thinking about it I decided to change back to a proper hosting service and then transfer this website there.

So, I now have new hosting and I have spent the last couple of days getting the website up and running and doing some basic maintenance. I had to transfer the contents to the new hosting company and then a lot of my images didn’t upload so I had to organise some FTP style movement.

It now appears that the website is working well. I have begun to set up a back up service to make sure the years of effort aren’t wasted. I’d hate to lose it all!

I did consider giving up the website. I do however quite enjoy the challenges running it along with making sure I’ve got an outlet for spouting whatever I think. I will keep it going. I’ve just got quite a bit of admin to do with it and the older sites to make sure everything is nice and efficient.

One problem is that my old DDNS addresses will now no longer work. I used that style on a lot of tweets and so if you go back and look at old tweets those links won’t work. Sorry. You’ll just have to search for the communication you want from within this site. Finally is back to running properly.


This site has been having some issues over the last couple of days and I’m not sure what’s causing it. There may be some problems with the DDNS systems or there may be worse problems. It seems that the site works at times and not at others. This is not helpful. Working or Not-Working is normally the best. If something works well then there are no problems. If something doesn’t work then causes are more easily found. If the problem is intermittent then you are screwed.

I one had a strange problem with a car I owned which, when the morning was a special type of damp, wouldn’t start. I got used to looking at the weather and then attempting to park the car so that the bonnet faced the rising sun. This normally worked and the car had dehumidified enough to start. When taking this vehicle to the garage it would be working and so it was nigh on impossible for them to track down the problem. When it wouldn’t start I couldn’t get it to the garage. I sold that car, but was honest about the occasional problem with it. I bought a motorbike.

I hope to investigate the issues this site faces as I know there are at least four people who read this stuff regularly. I aim to keep you all updated. In the mean time, if you’ve managed to read this you know there may be problems. If you haven’t managed to read this then you also know there are problems. Simple.


Slowly over the last year or so I have been starting to think that this website needs a refreshed look. The current format was developed during June 2011, as can be evidenced by my use of the WordPress2010 theme here. It might be time to change and accept the size of modern monitors and displays.

This will be a major shift for me. The issue is that I still really like the layout I have. The header picture, the side bar, the menu etc. I am not sure what the new one will look like but there are some designs I know it will not copy.

I detest the newer sites out there which are designed for tablet viewing. These seem to have whole screen pictures with text over the top and then, when you scroll down, the next picture scrolls into place with more text. It’s like each “page” is actually the next vertical shot. I’m old and so would prefer my layout more newspaper like. Maybe that’s what I was working for with the current look of the site.

I will also never have auto-starting video. Who the fuck does that? I honestly thing it’s a generational thing. Being, mostly, old compared to the huge number of web consumers out there, I like things a certain way. I don’t like memory waste, I don’t like videos starting without my say-so and I don’t care for instant gratification like some hyperactive monkey. For instance, I don’t “watch” YouTube. It’s not my thing. I prefer to “watch” things on a large screen. I’ve slowly come around to the idea that YouTube is just the same as another single TV channel where the shows are all for teenagers hiding in their rooms watching things on their phones. YouTube has enough content, mostly stupid in my humble view, to keep those poor teenagers entertained. At the same time these kids aren’t learning to get bored or concentrate on a single thing for a decent amount of time. It’s messing them up.

As I have taken around six months just toying with the idea of changing this site, it could take a fair bit longer for the reality to kick in. Let’s see.


The text with a strikethrough doesn’t really belong here. It needs its own communication. Someday soon.

Recent Things

This is a boring communication listing a few things I have been organising on this website.

I have finally got around to sorting out WordTwit. This means that my website automatically posts tweets when I write a new communication. Each communication will send three tweets delayed by 5 hours because I have readers around the world. It will also tweet to both of my twitter accounts, which is nice.

I have also been adding some photographs to two main pages. There’s the page of photographs taken within Gran Turismo. This page is located here and is full of cars. I have also put some new photographs on the page with shots from my new camera.

I will shortly be updating my iTunes library online so that it reflects my current library. I have added a number of Hellektro albums and tunes to the collection.

If you’ve been following my tweets you’ll know that I don’t like my router at the moment. I am still working to fix that.

That Is All.


I have noticed that whenever I edit an old post I get tweets sent saying such. Although not really annoying it does mean that minor adjustments get tweeted.
So I have adjusted my automatic Twitter settings so that when I edit old posts they will not be tweeted. Just did an edit of tags (or at least added some) and now have lots of tweets about these. Should have studied the WordTwit settings a little more closely when I installed it. Issue should now be sorted.
Mind you, virtually no-one follows me and pretty much no-one reads this website!


Just put new icons on the mobile version of my website. They are from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. I like them and many thanks to the person who made them. When I remember I’ll link to that site. Link here.
Going to try and find some way of having the icons on my main site, I think that’ll look really cool. At the moment I am still bothered by time out errors and 500 errors. I think my server shares its time with other sites or it spends a long time doing site maintenance. Will try to find out.
I secretly hope that this site will take off and be very widely read but in reality I don’t want that responsibility. I could, of course, post stuff that isn’t well written and doesn’t make sense but in reality I want to use this to improve my writing skills which are currently poor.
Here’s to the web allowing me to indulge myself and make writing feel like fun, even with the iPhone touch pad.

More work

Been spending some time trying to lower load times for the site and seeing if I can customise the look. All of this takes a lot of time, which I am willing to give. It is not difficult though. I have to say I have found that WordPress is pretty good. I google things when I am not sure and the answer is pretty much there. Editing php files and the such is quite enjoyable even though I have no idea what I am doing.
One thing though, people. I am using the Twenty10 theme and not another because I like it and not because it is the default theme. I have tried other themes and I don’t like them. Maybe I’ll create my own theme.

Time Consuming

Just managed to upload the parish website version 2. This was started in about 2004 and then I had a re-imaging in about 2010. There’s quite a but there. I was really proud of it and like the colour scheme. Some pictures are missing and I doubt I’ll find them as I changed computers in that time, whoops.
Link here.
It brings back some wonderful memories and what you can do when you have the time and aren’t running around after two kids.

Nearly ready for announcement

I think I am nearly ready to inform friends and family and the world about this website. I wonder what sort of response I’ll get but as this is a vanity / personal project I don’t really care. I think I’d like to improve the look and get away from using the default theme, although I have looked at others and I prefer the default theme, then I will add content! I have started to map out the shape and design of the website.
The picture is just a trial. Think my niece took the photo but it looks cool.

A light with long exposure and camera wobble