It’s Been A While But I’m Back

Last night I powered up Gran Turismo 7 for the first time in quite a while and I enjoyed myself. I even managed to enjoy myself driving Willow Springs which, as a circuit, I don’t like. I did the Circuit Experience section of the game as it’s about thirty minutes play to smash the gold on these. I’m still distracted quite a bit by Fortnite, which feels such a terrible admission but I do enjoy that game. Anyway, I recorded the gold winning lap and zapped it to YouTube.


I hit some cones after cutting a blind corner too much. This was then end result!

Kart shifter at Willow Springs
Kart shifter at Willow Springs

Super Licence S-2

This is a communication about keeping track of my attempts at timed circuits in Gran Turismo 6. This particular test is part of the Super Licence. I had already completed the first part of this before I started this record keeping and so this is licence S-2. Generally the Super Licence requirements in all the GT games is to complete a single lap within a certain time limit and without leaving the track or bumping into a wall or Armco.

This licence test was at night time (hate it) at Willow Springs Race Circuit in California. I have done some other stuff at Willow Springs in the dark and so kinda knew what to look for in terms of braking points. The time requirements were:

  • Gold 1:27:8
  • Silver 1:29:5
  • Bronze 1:33

The car was an Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale. The only adjustments to the car that could be made were the traction control and ABS settings. As it was a licence test there were no options to adjust the suspension or gearing ratios.

Using the standard D-Pad controller for the PS3 I recorded a time of 1:33:857.

The next day I used the Logitech GT Driving Force Pro steering wheel system. Progress was as follows:

Lap 1 – 1:31:548 Bronze.
Lap 2 – Off at Castrol Corner. Adjust the TCS to 1.
Lap 3 – Off at Sweeper about 0.5 seconds ahead.
Lap 4 – 1:30:109 even with a near off where I had to slow to correct the car.
Lap 5 – Off Rabbit’s Ear (-0.2 s).
Lap 6 – Off Budweiser Balcony.
Lap 8 – Off turn 3 (-0.2 s)
Lap 9 – Off, cut the corner at Budweiser Balcony.
Lap 10 – 1:28:802 Silver
Lap 11 – 1:27:692 Gold

Now, you only need a bronze to pass the licence but there’s no fun in that. I feel as though I have to get Gold in everything.

Here’s the Willow Springs S-2 Licence Glory Shot (remember it was a night run):

An Alfa at Willow Springs
An Alfa at Willow Springs

Willow Springs

This communication is about more research for my Poisson Distribution data, let’s see how long I can keep this going. For more information see this communication.

The next GT6 Seasonal Event to complete or participate in [there are some challenges where I have achieved a Silver Award but not quite the Gold, I might return to those] is to race the Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster 1960 at the Willow Springs Race Circuit in California, USA. Willow Springs is a new track to Gran Turismo and I’m not that keen on it. There are a couple of off camber and over-the-crest corners that make it pretty tricky along with most of the races on the track being rear wheel drive because it’s in the USA.

Aerial Shot:


This is a diagram of the circuit with the corners named:


Here’s a picture of the car:

Gran Turismo 6 XNR Ghia

Right, here’s some information about the car and laps. It turns out that I already owned this car and didn’t need to buy it, I can’t remember when I won it but at least that’s some money saved. Once into the set up section I upgraded the following parts, which improve the car’s handling but don’t affect the power or performance points:

  • Uprated the suspension to “racing hard” and fitted racing brakes
  • Fitted a 5-speed close ratio transmission unit
  • Fitted limited slip differential and racing flywheel
  • Fitted triple plate clutch, carbon fibre driveshaft

I also increased the power by adding or improving the following engine settings:

  • Racing ECR
  • Isometric exhaust system
  • Intake tuning
  • Sports catalytic converter

These items took my Performance Points over the allowable limit and so I limited the engine output to 94.4%.

The lap times required were:

  • 1:42:00 Bronze
  • 1:36:00 Silver
  • 1:33:00 Gold

My lap progress was as follows:

Lap 1 – off at turn 5.
Lap 2 – off at turn 3.
Lap 3 – 1:37:360 Bronze level achieved.
Lap 4 – off at Castrol Corner, outside of exit, too fast on entrance and understeer pushed car out.
Lap 5 – spun, lost control of rear at Budweiser Balcony.
Lap 6 – spun off at Castrol Corner, too much power on exit [restart entire lap rather than finish this one].
Lap 7 – off at turn 9 before I had even started the lap.
Lap 8 – 1:35:311 Silver Award.
Lap 9 – 1:33:889.
Lap 10 – off at Castrol Corner.

Bought the fully customisable transmission and changed the gear ratios to meet the top speed more efficiently.

Lap 11 – off at Castrol Corner.
Lap 12 – 1:43:338.
Lap 13 – 1:32:960 Gold Award Achieved.

Job Done.

Glory Shot:

Gran Turismo 6