Area 42

I had some wine the other night, which was not a normal occurrence as I have given up drinking at home. The bottle was labelled and on the label was a latitude longitude coordinates.

It's A Wine Label
It’s A Wine Label

Clearly this had to be investigated. You can’t mention numbers that can be checked without someone wanting to check them. I remember watching an Aussie TV show called Rescue Special Ops where they mentioned a location and so I went on Google Earth to check out where it was. The writers had done their job properly as the location was definitely in the bush [there is an awful lot of it].

So, apparently Rioja is an area in Spain. These are things I don’t really know, it could have been a person or something similar but I guess it’s logical given that Bordeaux is also a place.

So, I have saved you the time of typing in the lat long. Here is the location:

It’s a vineyard. There’s also a vineyard about 506 metres away from my house.

The origin of wine

A foible of mine:

I only buy and drink wine from regions I have visited

Fortunately I have been to Bordeaux and other great wine producing areas but I just decided about a year ago that I might as well impose a restriction just for the hell of it. Should someone offer me wine then I will drink it from anywhere. For me, this rule just makes choosing wine a little more interesting.
Places I can’t drink:

  • South America
  • North America (apart from Florida)
  • Asia (apart from Hong Kong and Singapore)
  • Africa

Individual areas that I can drink:

  • Most of France
  • Bits of Spain
  • Cyprus
  • South East Australia
  • Southern Portugal
That’s about it. Hey, as the Great Sheldon said “if your going to have foibles you might as well make them bizarre”.