From Where?

Here’s a picture giving you some information about Fooyah visitors. I use Google Analytics for this type of data and very nicely it works too. These data cover the calendar year 2013. I think I’ve had this site for around 3 years, I’m not sure, I’ll have to have a look at my GoDaddy account.

2013 Visitors 1

So, what does this tell me? It tells me that somehow people find their way onto my site from around the world. I don’t know how, there’s nothing here that is of interest, unless you know me, and I don’t know people (1 degree of separation) from these countries!

Here’s a list of countries from where people have visited my site:

2013 Visitors 2 2013 Visitors 3 2013 Visitors 42013 Visitors 32013 Visitors 4

The actual list goes on some more but there’s not point going down that far. Heck, I only had three visits from Slovakia.

The map does tell me that most of Africa along with the Middle East and Central Asia aren’t that interested in what I have to say. You can’t blame them really. Oh, and Greenland, which looks massive but it’s a poor map projection.

Nearly ready for announcement

I think I am nearly ready to inform friends and family and the world about this website. I wonder what sort of response I’ll get but as this is a vanity / personal project I don’t really care. I think I’d like to improve the look and get away from using the default theme, although I have looked at others and I prefer the default theme, then I will add content! I have started to map out the shape and design of the website.
The picture is just a trial. Think my niece took the photo but it looks cool.

A light with long exposure and camera wobble